Monday, 13 July 2009

Honest scrap tag

I was tagged by the gorgeous Victoria to do this tag.

The idea is to tell your followers 10 facts about yourself that are true. I did a random facts post a while ago which you can read here, so im sorry if i cant think of 10 different ones for this.

About 4 years ago i broke my elbow! I was walking across the carpark at work and noticed a patch of ice which i stupidly thought to slide over. I didn't slide far and ended up on my bum, work bag and its contents everywhere!! I got the day of work though but it was spent in the hospital!

I left school at 15 and started work straight away. 6 years later and im still here! I dont exactly enjoy my job (admin work) but iv never known what i want to do with myself, and i dont think i ever will!

I have one sibling, a sister who's 19. We get on really well but when we was little it was a totally different story!

I have very strange emotions, i can cry at the most random tv programmes (deal or no deal can set me off!!) but really sad situations i can handle really well.

I hate salad tomatoes but can quite happily eat tomato soup, ketchup, tinned tomatoes etc..

Ok im going to cheat now and say look at my previous post to make up the extra 5 :)

I tag anyone who hasnt done this, i think most people probably have, but if not do it! :)

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