Sunday, 26 July 2009

Mac haul and a surprise from everyday minerals!

On thursday i was having a bit of a grueller at work so thought id have a little browse of the Mac website. Bad idea!! I managed to talk myself into treating myself to a few bits then of course if you spend £50 you get free delivery which is always tempting. Here's what i got.

A Mac 15 pan pallet, 3 eyeshadow pans and a brush
Say hello to my first Mac pallet :)

I couldnt get a pallet without some pans to go in it. So i got carbon, sable and patina

Swatches below

My new brush, a 239

Mac really kept me waiting for this order! Every other time iv ordered and paid the standard delivery charge it came next day, this time i got free postage and i had to wait for it! They must of know how much i wanted it!!

But on Friday i did get a nice surprise. At the beginning of June i placed an order on the everyday minerals website. It got despatched on the 9th of June and i know delivery from America can take a while but after a month of waiting i contacted them but all they knew was it had been despatched. A few weeks after edm said they were classing it as lost :( But on Friday, 6 weeks and 3 days, after it being despatched it turned up! Id actually forgotten what id ordered so it was a nice little surprise.
Id ordered one of the free sample make up kits. You get your choice of 3 different foundations, a colour corrector and a blush. The sample pots look small but you actually get loads in them, they definitely last a while. I also ordered a sample eyeshadow which was $2.50. Then you just pay for postage.

The blush i got is called bouquet and the eyeshadow was called causual friday. Swatches below


  1. Congrats on your first MAC palette!!! I've been meaning to get Patina. Let us know how you like it!! BTW, I ♥ Everyday Minerals :) Makes me wanna order again.


  2. Ha, thankyou :) I love the look of patina, i'll do a fotd with it soon!

  3. I can't wait to purchase my first mac palette! Keep us updated with the eyeshadows you fill it with! xXx

  4. Great haul girl!
    Enjoy your purchases! :)



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