Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Christmas shopping?

Its that time of year again. With christmas looming most of my weekends (and money!) are spent buying christmas presents. But this weekend i did treat myself to a few little bits from H & M :)

I got these earrings for £3.99

Most of my earrings are big, like they wouldnt look out of place sitting in Pat Butchers jewellery box! Thats just how i like them.
I also got this lipbalm for £1.50 (i think??)

Its strawberry scented, smells yum, but to be honest its not the greatest lipbalm. I merely bought it for the novelty factor :) They have loads of Hello Kitty bits and bobs in, make up bags and cosmetics.


BarryM "Bright pink"

A gorgeous girlie pink, which in some lights looks a little neon! Love it!

Friday, 6 November 2009

Yet another sleek graphite post!

Im sorry to subject you to another post on the sleek graphite pallet but i havent bought any (well not alot, ha) of make up lately. Iv been on abit of a spending ban but when i seen this pallet i really really wanted it. So today i walked past superdrug and i thought if theyv got any in i'll buy it... call it fate! Well good for me they had a few in so here it is

I love it! Especially the two purple colours!
Im sure everyones got this already but here's a few swatches just so you can see if you havent how much you need this!

Bargain lipstick :)

Alot of my lipsticks are nudes. I just feel abit "safer" wearing a nude lip. But iv longed for a gorgeous bubblegum pink lippie. The longing is no more, here is Boots Natural Collection moisture shine lipstick in pink mallow

I saw this on Arlene's blog about a week ago and i knew i had to have it. Its the perfect colour and just what i was looking for.

It is really moisturising and certainly has some staying power. And at £1.95 a total bargain!

Here's a few pictures of me wearing it, it doesnt look half as bright as it actually appears on the lips

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