Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Christmas shopping?

Its that time of year again. With christmas looming most of my weekends (and money!) are spent buying christmas presents. But this weekend i did treat myself to a few little bits from H & M :)

I got these earrings for £3.99

Most of my earrings are big, like they wouldnt look out of place sitting in Pat Butchers jewellery box! Thats just how i like them.
I also got this lipbalm for £1.50 (i think??)

Its strawberry scented, smells yum, but to be honest its not the greatest lipbalm. I merely bought it for the novelty factor :) They have loads of Hello Kitty bits and bobs in, make up bags and cosmetics.


BarryM "Bright pink"

A gorgeous girlie pink, which in some lights looks a little neon! Love it!

Friday, 6 November 2009

Yet another sleek graphite post!

Im sorry to subject you to another post on the sleek graphite pallet but i havent bought any (well not alot, ha) of make up lately. Iv been on abit of a spending ban but when i seen this pallet i really really wanted it. So today i walked past superdrug and i thought if theyv got any in i'll buy it... call it fate! Well good for me they had a few in so here it is

I love it! Especially the two purple colours!
Im sure everyones got this already but here's a few swatches just so you can see if you havent how much you need this!

Bargain lipstick :)

Alot of my lipsticks are nudes. I just feel abit "safer" wearing a nude lip. But iv longed for a gorgeous bubblegum pink lippie. The longing is no more, here is Boots Natural Collection moisture shine lipstick in pink mallow

I saw this on Arlene's blog about a week ago and i knew i had to have it. Its the perfect colour and just what i was looking for.

It is really moisturising and certainly has some staying power. And at £1.95 a total bargain!

Here's a few pictures of me wearing it, it doesnt look half as bright as it actually appears on the lips

Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Current obsession #1

Lining my eyes with eyeshadow

I use a Ruby and Millie slanted eye brush slighty wet and Mac's carbon. I find it so much easier than using a pencil and you can use any colour eyeshadow.

Wednesday, 21 October 2009

The fringe is growing!

As iv said before i go through a cycle with my hair. I want a fringe, i get one cut, i want it out, i grow it out, i want a fringe etc...

A few months ago i had a fringe cut and after seeing some pictures on tumblr of girls with gorgeous hair and no fringe's i was swaying towards the "i want to grow it out" phase! So last night i had a play and its actually long enough to twist it up out of the way :)

The twist :)

I quite like it :)

Saturday, 10 October 2009

"Rosacea" update!

So as i mentioned in my last post about my skin i had an appointment with the dermatologist which was last Tuesday. There's not really much to report from the appointment. He did tell me though that he doesnt think i have rosacea (which is what the doctors have been saying for so long) so basically iv been taking antibiotics for a long time for no reason. For as long as i can remember iv had small red spots on the tops of my arms and legs and he thinks its a form of that on my face! He has wrote down what its called, some long fandangelled name, but to cut a long story short there's nothing that can be done :( I have noticed that lately iv been making sure i exfoliate my arms everyday and the spots are much better so iv decided to change my skincare routine for my face and see if really looking after my skin can help.

So today i went to a clinque counter and got the 3 step skin care system
I got the smaller version so i can try it out and see how i get on. You get all three for £20. Im really hoping this works for me! I also picked up some simple face wipes to remove my make up before i wash my face with the face wash.

Wednesday, 30 September 2009

I depotted my Mac eyeshadows!

The other day i decided the time had to come to depot! I find it so much easier just opening up a pallet to find a colour rather than route around my drawers.

So i ordered some magnets which came today and with a little help from Peachykeencheeks video i managed to depot and update my pallet :)
All ready to go...


Ta da, i did it!! :)

A little mention about my magnets. I got them from ebay, from a seller called *makeup_nation* They cost me $4.00 for 15 magnets including postage, which worked out at £2.51 (to be exact, ha). The shipping was so quick to say they came from America. Ordered them on the 23rd in the Afternoon and they arrived today!

Sunday, 27 September 2009


O.P.I "Suzi skis in the pyrenees"

In the bottle it looks a very very dark grey but on the nails its got a blue tinge to it aswell. I love black nails but this is a nice change :)

And on another note look what i bought on Friday!

I know i know, im like a year too late but i finally gave into the hype and read the book and i loved it! So this was a must buy and i cant wait to watch it.

Now onto New Moon :)

Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Updating my Mac pallet

On Monday i ordered a few more pans for my Mac pallet and these were waiting for me when i got home today :)

I got knight devine, all that glitters and trax.
You'v probably seen this colours before but here's some swatches anyway

There all settled in nicely in my pallet :)

I also ordered some magnets today so i can depot some of my others!! (Really hope i dont mess it up, ha)

Sunday, 20 September 2009


BarryM - Raspberry

Its a really wearable red, perfect for the autumn!

Tuesday, 15 September 2009

My few Maybelline bits

As everyone is very aware there was a Maybelline event a few weeks ago. I was gutted i couldnt get the time off work to go as the few bits of Maybelline makeup i have i love! The colossal mascara and mineral blush in topaz rose are a couple of them. But the lovely Natalie arranged for a few Maybelline goodies to be sent to me, thankyou :)

I got the new vibrating mascara, and 2 lipsticks!
First the mascara. I was really excited that id been sent this, as soon as i saw the advert on tele for it i couldnt wait to try it. The vibrating of it doesnt bother me but you have to keep the button pressed in which was abit of a pain for how i hold my mascara. It definitely added some length to my lashes but i still love my colossal that little bit more.
Here's some before and after pictures

The lipsticks

Firstly brown attitude. When i first saw this i instantly thought how much is wasnt me. But i thought id try it to put some pictures on here and the more i wore it the more it grew on me!

And the second lipstick is precious beige. I love this colour!

Sunday, 13 September 2009

Twilight for the lips :)

Whenever i buy something from Boots i always end up with some sort of voucher or money off receipt. A week ago i got one of the £5 off No.7 or Ruby and Millie products vouchers! So yesterday i took a little trip to Boots. I ended up buying one of the Rubie and Millie lipglosses in "twilight" after some reccomendations from LondonMUgirl on twitter (thankyou!)

Its a lovely bubblegum pink colour and the lipgloss has some good staying power!
Here's a few pictures of me sporting it last night. (Last night was just a take away and wine night round at the bf's brothers)

It hasnt come out as pinky as it looks on my camera, its my new camera so not sure if iv done something wrong uploading the photo's?!?

The lipglosses are £11.50 each but at the minute Boots has a 3 for 2 on selected products and these are in it!

Wednesday, 9 September 2009

Sally Hansen to the rescue :)

Over the past few months i have really put my toes through it! Bright nail varnishes kept on for far longer than im sure is advised, the nail varnish being taken off only to be replaced straight away with another shocking colour.

Well i think its safe to say the poor excuse of a summer we had is over so last Friday i took my nail varnish off my toes with the intensions of leaving them be for a while. Eurgh!! They was in a sorry state :( Deep ridges, white patches and quite flaky (bleurgh, im making myself feeling queasy so i'll stop now!)

But Sally Hansen was on hand to help :)

A while back i won some nail prizes off a give away the lovely dressjunkie had. In my prizes was this baby

Sally Hansen nail quencher cuticle cream
What Sally says: smoothes cuticles, strengthens & conditions nails, with mineral rich hydration, plant extracts, vitamins and essential oils. Cuticles are nourished and conditioned, encouraging stronger, healthy nails.

That night i popped abit on each nail and rubbed it in. It smells lovely, like creamy citrus (what an explanation!!) Anyway, the next morning they already looked loads better!! So iv been applying it everyday (if i remember) and they are just getting better and better. The ridges are almost gone and they look so much healthier!
A big thumbs up to Sally Hansen! (And thankyou Arlene)

Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Supermarket shopping!

Tonight i took a trip to Asda (i have a very exciting life i know!!). I needed some more shampoo and bits and bobs and the nearest Asda to me has all the clothes at the front of the store so you have to walk past (they do this on purpose!!!). Whilst wandering past i spotted this long top

I thought "ooh thats quite nice" and decided to try it on. I loved it! Its a long vest with a slight tulip shape and the long arm holes (if you know what i mean??) with a black vest attached underneath. My photo's are always quite rubbish so here's a few close ups to try and show it you better

It was £14 so not an amazing bargain but i like it :)

Ooh and Girl With The Golden Touch is having a great give away for getting 200 followers (congrats girl!). Go check it out here!!!

Monday, 31 August 2009

What im using right now (no. 2)

I was going to do a favourites post but there's not really alot of bits that stand out to me this month so as this post has been doing the rounds again i thought id post mine as im sure alot would have changed from last time i did this

Shampoo: John Frieda brilliant brunette

Conditioner: John Frieda brilliant brunette

Styling products: I dont really use styling products! The odd bit of hairspray which again is a brilliant brunette one

Shower Gel: Soap and Glory clean on me

Body moisturiser: Soap and Glory the righteous butter

Deodorant: Dove

Fake Tan: I am currently embracing the pale!! But the very generous Marie kindly sent me a bottle of the St Moriz one which i will definitely try out soon

Cleanser: Is it bad that i dont use a cleanser??!

Exfoliator: A body shop tea tree oil one for my face, but for the body iv recently bought some exfoliating mitts which are amazing! and only 99p so a bargain

Primer: Bare minerals skin revver upper

Foundation brush: Bare minerals kabuki

Concealer: I occasionally use the gosh touch up concealer under the eyes or a collection 2000 one which doesnt cover amazingly well but it gives a nice brightning effect

Blusher: Everyday minerals email me

Bronzer: BarryM

Highlighter: I dont really use one

Eyeshadow base: UDPP

Eyeshadows: A few iv been loving lately patina, style snob and smoke and diamonds (all mac)

Eyeliner: A rimmel one. I really need to invest in a better black eyeliner

Mascara: Maybelline colossal

Lipstick: Iv been wearing alot of lipbalms lately instead of lipstick

Lipgloss: Again iv not really bothered with gloss lately

Nail Colour: Well right at the minute i have BarryM turquoise on my toes and nothing on fingers!

FOTN Smoke and diamonds

Long time no blog!
Here's my face of last night. We just had a girlie night out which has resulted in me spending the whole morning on the sofa and going for a nap after my dinner so a very good night :)

Here's what i used

Gosh touch up concealer in no. 2 under the eyes, everyday minerals foundation in fairly light neutral, everyday minerals blusher in bouquet, mac smoke and diamonds all over the lid and smoked out in the outer corner with carbon, a black eyeliner by rimmel, gosh eyeliner in purple stain lined under the eyes (it hasnt come out well on the photo's but its a gorgeous colour and looked really quite nice if i do say so myself!), maybelline colossal mascara, gosh darling lipstick with some body shop lip butter over the top, and bare minerals mineral veil.

Hope everyones enjoying their bank holiday :) (if its a bank holiday for you too!)

Saturday, 22 August 2009

Nudey nails!

Ages ago i bought one of the £1 nail polishes from Nails inc. (The offer that was in Fabulous magazine). It took ages to be delivered! I ordered it towards the end of July and it turned up last week!

I ordered Basil street which is a lovely nude shade. It looks abit darker on the website though and is described as a soft toffee colour.
Iv finally found the time this morning to try it out so here's what it looks like

Its really hard to show the actual colour of this in a photo. I really like the colour of this though and it went on really easy. Abit thick maybe but i did like how it applied.

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