Sunday, 19 July 2009

Weekend antics and random hauling

This weekends has been busy busy with lots of random buys which i thought id share. Firstly i was so excited on Saturday morning when the postman knocked on the door and brought me my new straightners (courtesy of dressjunkies blog sale).

Iv used GHD's for years but saw a few videos on youtube about these straightners. They get just as hot as GHD's but aren't as harsh on your hair. Im loving these already and they really do add some shine to your hair! (Bye bye GHD's!!)
On Saturday me and the bf went to the pictures in the day to watch the hangover (so so funny!). Luckily for me we have a showcase cinema inside a Westfield centre so of course i made a few purchases. When i went on holiday i was hoping to pick up Marc Jacobs Daisy perfume but it wasnt any cheaper than here, some shops it was much more, so i just waited till i got home.

I bought it from Boots (and got my advantage points :) ). It was £49 for 100ml.
Next i went to Ark and bought this long vest

It was £20. It fits really well and is perfect for wearing with jeans or leggings.

I also bought a floral vest from Topshop. Im loving these at the minute, Topshop has quite a few with different designs on

It was £22. (Picture stolen from Topshops website as i wore the top today and its now in the wash!)

Saturday night was a spare of the moment night out with the girls. I got home at 4 o clock this morning so i cannot wait to get in bed tonight! When i eventually got up this morning and got ready me and the bf had the bright idea of nipping to Ikea!! Not the best idea on a Sunday anyway, never mind being slightly hungover and really really tired.

I went to Ikea to buy a replacement lamp. I think it was £4 / £5.

I bought the same lamp a few weeks ago but this is what it now looks like...

Im sooo clumsy!

Oh and when i got home from our traipse round Ikea and a trip to Tesco i had the fright of my life when the Topshop carrier bag on my bed started moving!! One of my cats had decided to get comfy inside! This is Beau inside his new home...

Hope everyones had a good weekend :)


  1. Great haul. That lamps really funky! I've recently purchased marc jacobs - daisy, gorgeous isn't it!? xXx

  2. Great Hauling ;)
    i love marc jacobs daisy perfume - my mum has it so i can nick it ;)

    Check out my blog if you have time i think u'll like it!


  3. Great haul and great blog :)
    Love and see you soon xx

  4. OMG!!!!
    I just bought a hair straightener from Philips and I like it very much, BUT, yes there is a BUT...
    when i went to the store i was contemplating over the Philips one and the one you got!
    I am fairly pleased with mine but now i kinda regret not getting the one you did:(
    I don't firs i was not so sure about the one you got because it dint cost that much at all and i hadn't heard much about the Remington one...also the shine thing didn't feel right, but now as i hear you saying so nice things about it, i am disappointed that i didn't get it
    still i like my Philips salon straight essential straighteners too
    and they have gold ceramic plates too so that is good:D
    anyways enjoy yours!:D
    Liina Johanna
    The Girl With The Green Scarf;)

  5. Haha! I'm house sitting for my friend atm, they have the white version of these lamps and I noticed that the exact same thing has happened to one of theirs!


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