Wednesday, 29 April 2009

A few random facts!

I now have 5 followers (wow, thanks guys :) ) so thought i'd do a post of random facts all about me! Ha!

My name is Charlotte (hello!). (Not really a fact but thought i'd introduce myself as my blog name is probably confusing). Middle names Beth.

One of my favourite foods is cheese! I could easily have this grated on everything I eat! I suffer from migraines though so not the best food to be eating in large consumption!

I love going on holidays, my favourite part is probably being at the airport!?! I don't know why when you have such a good time on holiday. I think its the excitement I love!

I drive a peugout 106 quiksilver. It took me ages to find the right one but im very happy with it.

My favourite disney film is Alice in Wonderland.

I am obsessed with smells! I smell all beauty products before I use them (make up included) and occasionally smell the air when I walk past someone to smell their perfume or aftershave. (This sounds really weird now iv wrote it down but I can assure you im not that weird!)

I used to suffer from ocd. Im not sure how or why it started but im pretty sure it had something to do with the bad relationship I was in at the time. Iv overcome this now. Apart from a few little things but we all have our little quirks.

I love animals. I have a rabbit, a guinea pig and 2 cats. I would love a chihuahua and a tortoise. One of my biggest hates is animal cruelty!

I have really bad circulation which results in my hands and feet always being cold.

I can use my feet like hands. I use my big toe to switch plugs at the bottom of the wall on and occasionally pick things up with my feet. This is actually very weird!

I have a (verging on unhealthy) obsession with crappy tv programmes like the hills, laguna beach, girls of the playboy mansion, newlyweds, meet the barkers, cribs...

I love food! Eating it, baking it, cooking it.


  1. hiya :)
    your blogs FAB!
    i luv reading random facts about people :) just wanted to say i get totally obsessed with rubbish TV programs too like girls of the playboy mansion and the hills and the britsh version 'living on the edge' its totally laugh-able as its got nothing on the hills but i still find myself watching it :)
    sorry for the ramble
    Lu x

  2. Thanks :)
    Oh yeh, forgot about living on the edge. Love that too! It doesnt seem like its uk based as its quite ott i think. Ooh and super sweet sixteen... the list goes on, ha! Rubbish tv is very addictive!!

  3. I loved this post!
    You definately deserve way more subscribers!

    I have totally weird feet too! My friends call me finger toes (gross!) and sing fingertoes to the Spiderman theme!

  4. Aww thankyou :)
    Haha, fingertoes, that made me giggle. My boyfriend calls me ET feet (random). I cant drive in shoes either and end up gripping the pedals with my toes!


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