Sunday, 31 May 2009

Im back...

Sorry for the absence. This past week me and the bf have been house sitting and trying to make the most of a week off work and the sunshine :) But throughout the week I have picked up a few new bits n bobs that i thought id share with you.

Half way through the week my hairdryer died! So an urgent trip to boots to buy a new one. I didn't have a clue what to go for, all i knew was the past two hairdryers id had were Nicky Clarke ones and they'd both died on me!! My boots didn't have the best choice but i did see this

I loved the packaging and the bright coloured attachments and it was half price, reduced from £60 to £30 so i fell for it and so far so good. It comes with 3 attachments and a brush. Also in the packaging was a gift card for a free Umberto Giannini mini product so back to boots were i picked up Natural Curls Styling Spray

Iv got naturally wavy hair but it never looks nice just left in its wild naturalness!! So hopefully this will turn my mane into gorgeous beach waves (wishful thinking!)

Also last week i turned up at the house with a load of wood and a great big smile hoping my bf would offer to make up my new make up storage i bought from Ikea. (I really didnt think it would come all flat with loads of screws and nails and as soon as i started i had to give up... diy is not for me!) The smile must have worked as i now have some new storage for all my favourite bits

Its not the most exciting looking thing but it serves its purpose. Im undecided wether to paint it or stain it or stick some pretty things on it??

Monday, 25 May 2009


Face of Saturday night, family bbq.

What I used:

Everyday minerals foundation, Barry M bronzer, Gosh eyeliner in golden moss, Maybeline colossal mascara, Johnsons tinted lip balm with Body Shop lip balm on top and some Bare Minerals mineral veil. I tried the Loreal telescopic explosion mascara but I couldnt get on with it at all! I really wanted to love this mascara so i dont know if im doing something wrong?!
On Saturday the weather was really sunny and very warm so i got chance to wear a top i bought a few months ago from Topshop but never had chance to wear

Also the gladiator sandals were out showing my freshly painted toe nails in the famous Barry M mint green! I love this colour!!

Saturday, 16 May 2009

The perfect face?!

I saw this on Superficial Girls blog and just had to try it myself. There was a programme on channel 4 a while ago called Vanity Lair were they said symmetrical faces are the most scientifically attractive. This has always had me thinking as i think imperfections are just as attractive, there what makes us us.

So i went on the website and submitted my picture.

My results were 8.47 out of 10. It said my face has good horizontal symmetry and the ratio of mouth to nose width is nearly ideal BUT my nose is too long for my ears and too wide for my face and my face is too narrow / long.

Everything it picked up on i am aware of anyway. I have got a long face and iv always thought my nose is a little big for my face. Not too sure about it being too long for my ears though??

Friday, 15 May 2009


I had a disastrous day yesterday. I was really looking forward to a day of shopping, even if it was mainly to get the boyfriend some birthday presents. It was raining none stop so i really wasnt in the mood and i ended up with not much at all. I did get a few bits from Primark!! I got a cream coloured cardigan and this bag:

It was only £6 so it cheered me up abit.

Later on i went with my mum to do the food shop (oh the joys!) but i saw this on offer

Im a sucker for lip balms, i have loads!! And it was only a £1. Its more like a gloss though, like a clear gel.

What i really wanted to get for myself was a few new mascara's to try out but I totally forgot to go in Superdrug (!!) so thats my task for this weekend.

Thursday, 14 May 2009

What im loving lately...

Iv not done a post in ages! This time of year is always an expensive time so iv had to cut back with my spending these past few weeks but im back! Tomorrow im off work and im going shopping!! Im rather excited as iv not stepped foot in a shop for a few weeks now! (Tell a little lie, I popped into Superdrug last night to buy a present, but treated myself a little whilst in there!) Im supposed to be going shopping for some birthday presents for the boyfriend (not got a clue what to get him!) but im sure i'll manage to find myself some goodies :) Anyway enough of the ramble...


Barry M. Theres been alot of talk of Bazza lately with the bloggers event coming up and new products. My little treat from Superdrug was the Barry M natural dazzle compact. As soon as I got home I was swiping this on my face and I loved it. Iv had bad experiences in the past with bronzer (!!) but so far so good

My shopping day tomorrow, reallt rather excited!

My skin. Its no where near clear but i think its looking alot better than it has. Iv been taking tablets for my rosacea again for the past month (ish) so hopefully if I stick with it i'll have nice skin in no time (fingers and toes crossed)

Not loving so much:

Holiday hunting. Me and the boyfriend were planning a few days away here in the uk but with the cold wet days im more and more tempted to go abroad for a holiday! So start the trawling through loads of travel websites to find a holiday we can agree on

Paleness. On the rare occasion that the sun shows its face and its time to reach for the summer clothes iv got skin on show that could rival casper!! So iv found some dove summer body at the back of the cupboard which is now being slapped on daily

Work. Boring, boring, boring

Wednesday, 6 May 2009

Getting to know me, getting to know you...

What made you choose your blog/twitter/youtube username?

C is what my name begins with, Beth is my middle name and Glitter just because its a nice girly word

What's your actual name?


Do you have any nicknames?

My friends call me Charlotte, Charl or Char. My mum has a few strange nicknames she occasionally calls me. And the boyfriend probably calls me anything but Charlotte

Apart from the obvious make up / beauty hobby, what other hobbies do you have?

I haven't really got hobbies. When I was little I did alot of dance classes and shows and went swimming alot but that was years ago now. Iv recently started doing abit of exercise, like aerobics and swimming, but how long that will last I don't know!

What do you do?

Im just an administrative assistant for a packaging company. Its very boring.

What would you like to do?

Im not entirely sure. Theres loads of jobs I read about in magazines, or hear about on the tele or in a film and think 'ooh, that'd be good' but its just on a whim I think. I actually like admin work (believe it or not) and have always wanted to do this but in a school/college or a hospital. I don't know why.

Tell us something embarrassing, but that you love doing?

Erm, I really don't know. There's probably something but I either don't find it embarrassing or im having a mental blockage! Like most people who's post iv read I say alot of silly things but I dont find this really embarrassing, there funny and im the first person to laugh at myself! I really should think before I speak sometimes.

Tell us a little something that we don't already know about you.

I have 8 piercings (did have 9!) and 1 tattoo. Tattoos are addictive (as weird as it sounds) and im planning on having another but not sure what and where.

What achievement are you most proud of?

Theres not one thing that really sticks out to me. When I was a few years younger I was proud of myself for passing my driving test first time and getting myself a job after school. Iv been through alot in my life and not had the best times at points in my life but I suppose im proud of how iv dealt with things and the person its made me.

What do you most like about yourself?

I think im a nice person (without sounding big headed!) Im kind and friends have said im the type of person who'd do anything for anyone, which is nice.

What would you change about yourself if you could?

The first thing I think of when asked this is my skin! I have rosacea and its horrible!! I also get the odd spot so I certainly have not been blessed with good skin.

If you could have anything in the world (that doesn't cost any money), what would you want?

A nice long and happy life. Id love to see my grandma again aswell and give her a little cuddle, I miss her alot. And while im at it id love clear skin (shallow I know!)

I tag all my followers!! x

Friday, 1 May 2009


Normally on a day off work I go shopping (not good for the purse!) but I haven't really got the money at the moment to be spending on things I dont need (I have finally realised want and need are two different words!)
After looking at videos on you tube I saw a great tutorial from pixiwoo using a pallet from Sleek. I bought two of their pallets the other day so thought i'd have a play around

I wasnt sure wether to do this post as I have major issues with lighting at my house so the photos don't really give a very good impression of the colours but here it is anyway.

I used:

I dont know why this photo is upside down?!?!

Bare minerals foundation in fairly light, Maybelline mineral blush in topaz rose, Sleek pallets storm and divine (the purple colour from divine and the dark blue colour from storm), Maybelline colossal mascara, rimmel eyeliner, and a gosh lipgloss (no. 22)

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