Sunday, 12 July 2009

Im back...

For the past week iv been in sunny Cyprus :) I went with my boyfriend and had the best time, the weather was seriously hot, the area was really nice and its just been such a nice week. We landed at half 9 last night, not bad to say we was meant to be landing at half 12!! Being delayed for 9 hours was not fun!! No one was impressed! I know these things happen but the whole situtation was not handled well. The same airline (Eurocypria) had cancelled two other flights and another was delayed yesterday so something was going off.
On a good note i didnt spend as much as expected so iv come home with quite a few euro's to change back which i think i will use to treat myself to a few goodies from the new mac collections :)
On a not so good note iv come back with a cold!! Im not happy as quite a few people coming home were colded up or coughing so i hope the dreaded flu isnt doing the rounds!!
Oh and iv just caught up with all blog posts iv missed and noticed iv been tagged a couple of times, i will try and get round to doing them later, thanks girlies :)


  1. Glad you had a good time hun I hate being delayed I went to Crete in January and was delayed 8hours going there and 3hours coming back! Never fly with Monarch airlines LOL, you should put some pics up :) xxxxxx

  2. What a nightmare! I would hate to be delayed going on holiday. I did think this little post could do with some pictures but im really rubbish when it comes to taking photo's! I'll have to look through my camera and see if there's any decent ones :)


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