Friday, 31 July 2009

New doo!

Me and my hair have a repetative relationship. It starts off with a fringe, i eventually get bored and grow it into a side fringe then get bored and have a full fringe cut back in. Lately though iv been trying to grow my side fringe out and not have one at all...

But in the words of Britney Spears "oops i did it again"!!...

Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Its all about me!

Thankyou to Nicola for doing this and giving me something to do tonight!

Vital Statistics:

Me: Charlotte
Nicknames: Charl, Char, Warly woo (hmm thanks mum!)
Birthday: 16th August
Place of Birth: Nottingham, UK
Zodiac Sign: Leo
Male or Female: Female
Occupation: Admin
Residence: A very chavvy town near Nottingham
Screen Name: CBethGlitter


Hair Colour: Brunette
Hair Length: Longish
Eye colour: Brown with abit of green
Best Feature: My hair??
Height: 5ft 2" i think
Braces?: No, but i wouldnt mind my two front teeth being abit straighter
Glasses?: Yes, i wear them for distance
Piercing: 8! 7 in my ears and my belly button
Tattoos: 1
Righty or Lefty: Righty

Your 'Firsts':

First best friend: A girl called Kirsty
First Award: Erm, probably something for dancing or schools sports day, ha
First Real Vacation: Florida to see Mickey Mouse! I was 5 though so the memories are vague!
First Concert: I think it was Nelly, hahaha
First Love: Err id rather forget that! I suppose my bf is my first "proper" love


Movie: I cant think of just one
TV Show: The Hills, The Inbetweeners
Colours: Purple
Song: Candi Staton - You Got The Love
Candy: A nice big bag of Haribo :)
Restaurant: I prefer a nice bit of pub grub! Classy!
Store: Topshop
School: ?? I didnt really enjoy school
Book: Ooh iv just started reading Twilight
Magazine: Glamour, Company and Look
Shoes: Gladiator sandals


Feeling: All colded up and yucky :(
Single or Taken: Taken :)
Eating: Nothing at the moment but i have consumed alot of celebration chocolates tonight!
Typing: This?!
Online: Yes
Listening To: Big Brother
Thinking About: Wether my cold will have gone for Saturday night! It had better be!!
Wanting: To be able to breathe through my nose!
Watching: Big Brother
Wearing: Pajamas


Want Children?: Yes! Iv been getting so broody lately!
Want to be Married: Not sure
Careers in Mind: Who knows??
Where do you want to live?: As much as id love to get away from where i currently live i dont think i could leave friends and family

Have you ever:

Kissed a Stranger: Yes
Had Alcohol: Yes!
Smoked: Unfortunately
Ran Away From Home: Haha once when i was alot younger, i got to the bottom of the street and didnt last long!
Broken a bone: Yes, my elbow! Ouch!
Got an X-ray: Yes
Broken Someone's Heart: Yes
Broke Up With Someone: Yes
Cried When Someone Died: Yes :(
Cried At School: Hmm, i can remember a time in infants when i got told off and burst into tears!

Do You Believe In:

God: Not sure
Miracles: I suppose they do happen
Love At First sight: Yes
Ghosts: Yes
Aliens: No
Soul Mates: Yes
Heaven: Id like to think there's something nice after this
Hell: I hope not!
Kissing on The First Date: I dont see much harm in a kiss
Yourself: Yes, you have to!

A few products im loving this July

Here's a few products iv been loving this month :)
Firstly i went on holiday the first week of this month, got a really nice tan, and came back to this! The British summer!! So it soon fades when your home. Iv been exfoliating everyday and been applying this
Dove Summer Glow body lotion. It says on the back to apply everyday and after 5 days you will notice a nice tan. I havent applied this everyday, iv used it every other day or every 3 and i really like the results. It hasnt looked like my tan has faded and looks really natural. It does have abit of a fake tan smell but it also smells abit fruity so i dont mind the smell.
Another product that relates to me and my holiday is the BarryM bronzer

(Excuse the Bet Lynch get up reflected in the mirror! Its my dressing gown... i promise!!)

I liked this bronzer as soon as i bought it but it was great for on holiday and now im back im a little scared about faking it on my face so a little extra of this is great for the post holiday glow!

Iv always had an obsession with shampoo's, i have tried so many different brands and types. A while ago i was using John Frieda's Brilliant Brunette shampoo and conditioner and i loved it. But as usual whilst out shopping id pick up different ones and move onto them. At the end of last month i went back to John Frieda and im loving it!

It makes my hair feel so soft and silky and has a lovely smell, sort of cocunutty (made my own little word up there!) Its just over £4.50 a bottle (i think??) but Tesco and Superdrug have it on offer alot, hence the numerous bottles of conditioner i have!

I love this lip balm from The Body Shop. I use it on its own for a nice nude lip or for abit of moisture for some lippies that can be quite dry. It tastes yum aswell so you do have to be careful you dont lick it all off!

And lastly this moisturiser from Neals Yard

Its the frankincense nourishing cream. Its a great moisturiser anyway but at the moment im suffering with my second cold this month! (Im not happy!!) So to stop the rudolph nose making an appearance iv been applying this round my nose a few times each day and its really helping to prevent the red sore skin that appears after constant nose blowing. A real help at the minute.

Sunday, 26 July 2009

Mac haul and a surprise from everyday minerals!

On thursday i was having a bit of a grueller at work so thought id have a little browse of the Mac website. Bad idea!! I managed to talk myself into treating myself to a few bits then of course if you spend £50 you get free delivery which is always tempting. Here's what i got.

A Mac 15 pan pallet, 3 eyeshadow pans and a brush
Say hello to my first Mac pallet :)

I couldnt get a pallet without some pans to go in it. So i got carbon, sable and patina

Swatches below

My new brush, a 239

Mac really kept me waiting for this order! Every other time iv ordered and paid the standard delivery charge it came next day, this time i got free postage and i had to wait for it! They must of know how much i wanted it!!

But on Friday i did get a nice surprise. At the beginning of June i placed an order on the everyday minerals website. It got despatched on the 9th of June and i know delivery from America can take a while but after a month of waiting i contacted them but all they knew was it had been despatched. A few weeks after edm said they were classing it as lost :( But on Friday, 6 weeks and 3 days, after it being despatched it turned up! Id actually forgotten what id ordered so it was a nice little surprise.
Id ordered one of the free sample make up kits. You get your choice of 3 different foundations, a colour corrector and a blush. The sample pots look small but you actually get loads in them, they definitely last a while. I also ordered a sample eyeshadow which was $2.50. Then you just pay for postage.

The blush i got is called bouquet and the eyeshadow was called causual friday. Swatches below

Friday, 24 July 2009

A few little purchases :) and notd

Yesterday i had to nip to Superdrug to get some hair conditioner. Whilst in there i noticed there was an offer on BarryM nail polishes! 2 for £4.99. So i treated myself

I got chocolate brown and bright purple. I couldnt wait to see what the chocolate brown looked like so im sporting this on my nails today

I really like it :)

Today i met up with a friend for lunch and after we had a wander into Topshop. They still had some sale stuff left and i cannot walk past the sale jewellery without buying something. So this is was i got

A ring which was reduced to £2 and a set of 3 chunky bracelets reduced from £15 to £4.

Sunday, 19 July 2009

Weekend antics and random hauling

This weekends has been busy busy with lots of random buys which i thought id share. Firstly i was so excited on Saturday morning when the postman knocked on the door and brought me my new straightners (courtesy of dressjunkies blog sale).

Iv used GHD's for years but saw a few videos on youtube about these straightners. They get just as hot as GHD's but aren't as harsh on your hair. Im loving these already and they really do add some shine to your hair! (Bye bye GHD's!!)
On Saturday me and the bf went to the pictures in the day to watch the hangover (so so funny!). Luckily for me we have a showcase cinema inside a Westfield centre so of course i made a few purchases. When i went on holiday i was hoping to pick up Marc Jacobs Daisy perfume but it wasnt any cheaper than here, some shops it was much more, so i just waited till i got home.

I bought it from Boots (and got my advantage points :) ). It was £49 for 100ml.
Next i went to Ark and bought this long vest

It was £20. It fits really well and is perfect for wearing with jeans or leggings.

I also bought a floral vest from Topshop. Im loving these at the minute, Topshop has quite a few with different designs on

It was £22. (Picture stolen from Topshops website as i wore the top today and its now in the wash!)

Saturday night was a spare of the moment night out with the girls. I got home at 4 o clock this morning so i cannot wait to get in bed tonight! When i eventually got up this morning and got ready me and the bf had the bright idea of nipping to Ikea!! Not the best idea on a Sunday anyway, never mind being slightly hungover and really really tired.

I went to Ikea to buy a replacement lamp. I think it was £4 / £5.

I bought the same lamp a few weeks ago but this is what it now looks like...

Im sooo clumsy!

Oh and when i got home from our traipse round Ikea and a trip to Tesco i had the fright of my life when the Topshop carrier bag on my bed started moving!! One of my cats had decided to get comfy inside! This is Beau inside his new home...

Hope everyones had a good weekend :)

Wednesday, 15 July 2009

Blog award... "Friends"

I was awarded this award by Marie. If anyone is not following this crackin' lass (trying to add a touch of Scottish for you there!!??) then follow her! She's such a sweetheart, i think she was my first ever follower, so friendly and her blog and the things she write about are fab!
"This award is bestowed on to blogs that are exceedingly charming. These kind bloggers aim to find and be friends. They are not interested in self-aggrandizement. Our hope is that when the ribbons of these prizes are cut, even more friendships are propagated. Please give more attention to these writers. Deliver this award to six bloggers who must choose six more and include this cleverly-written text into the body of their award"
Onto the tagging...


Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Mac Colour Craft

When i first saw this collection there was so much i wanted but now its out and iv read some reviews and videos im not so sure. I did get a couple of bits which were delivered today :) The delivery man left them with a neighbour who i dont really get along with, ha, so like a wimp i waited for mummy to come home from work and sent her across.

This is what i got

A mineralize eyeshadow quad in eccentricity and the 226 brush
I love the look of the eyeshadow

Swatches below

To be honest im quite dissapointed with the colour pay off from this. It took quite alot to get the swatches. Im not sure how they'd go on top of a primer or maybe wet??

The brush

This is my first Mac brush (!!!) but it seems like such a good brush and i hope im very impressed with it :)

Monday, 13 July 2009

Honest scrap tag

I was tagged by the gorgeous Victoria to do this tag.

The idea is to tell your followers 10 facts about yourself that are true. I did a random facts post a while ago which you can read here, so im sorry if i cant think of 10 different ones for this.

About 4 years ago i broke my elbow! I was walking across the carpark at work and noticed a patch of ice which i stupidly thought to slide over. I didn't slide far and ended up on my bum, work bag and its contents everywhere!! I got the day of work though but it was spent in the hospital!

I left school at 15 and started work straight away. 6 years later and im still here! I dont exactly enjoy my job (admin work) but iv never known what i want to do with myself, and i dont think i ever will!

I have one sibling, a sister who's 19. We get on really well but when we was little it was a totally different story!

I have very strange emotions, i can cry at the most random tv programmes (deal or no deal can set me off!!) but really sad situations i can handle really well.

I hate salad tomatoes but can quite happily eat tomato soup, ketchup, tinned tomatoes etc..

Ok im going to cheat now and say look at my previous post to make up the extra 5 :)

I tag anyone who hasnt done this, i think most people probably have, but if not do it! :)

Sunday, 12 July 2009

Im back...

For the past week iv been in sunny Cyprus :) I went with my boyfriend and had the best time, the weather was seriously hot, the area was really nice and its just been such a nice week. We landed at half 9 last night, not bad to say we was meant to be landing at half 12!! Being delayed for 9 hours was not fun!! No one was impressed! I know these things happen but the whole situtation was not handled well. The same airline (Eurocypria) had cancelled two other flights and another was delayed yesterday so something was going off.
On a good note i didnt spend as much as expected so iv come home with quite a few euro's to change back which i think i will use to treat myself to a few goodies from the new mac collections :)
On a not so good note iv come back with a cold!! Im not happy as quite a few people coming home were colded up or coughing so i hope the dreaded flu isnt doing the rounds!!
Oh and iv just caught up with all blog posts iv missed and noticed iv been tagged a couple of times, i will try and get round to doing them later, thanks girlies :)

Friday, 3 July 2009

Last few holiday bits...

Today i braved the rain after work and went to outfit. I bought a couple of plain vests for my holiday and this white one with black flowers on from Topshop

Every brand in outfit had a sale on, i love sale jewellery :) And i got these bits

Id been eyeing up this headband for a while so very happy when i spotted it in the sale. I think it was £4.

I love these bracelets, they were reduced to £6. Theres 7 individual ones.

Close up:

And my cute mummy bought me this little notebook for my travels (i love to write lists and notes!)

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