Wednesday, 29 July 2009

A few products im loving this July

Here's a few products iv been loving this month :)
Firstly i went on holiday the first week of this month, got a really nice tan, and came back to this! The British summer!! So it soon fades when your home. Iv been exfoliating everyday and been applying this
Dove Summer Glow body lotion. It says on the back to apply everyday and after 5 days you will notice a nice tan. I havent applied this everyday, iv used it every other day or every 3 and i really like the results. It hasnt looked like my tan has faded and looks really natural. It does have abit of a fake tan smell but it also smells abit fruity so i dont mind the smell.
Another product that relates to me and my holiday is the BarryM bronzer

(Excuse the Bet Lynch get up reflected in the mirror! Its my dressing gown... i promise!!)

I liked this bronzer as soon as i bought it but it was great for on holiday and now im back im a little scared about faking it on my face so a little extra of this is great for the post holiday glow!

Iv always had an obsession with shampoo's, i have tried so many different brands and types. A while ago i was using John Frieda's Brilliant Brunette shampoo and conditioner and i loved it. But as usual whilst out shopping id pick up different ones and move onto them. At the end of last month i went back to John Frieda and im loving it!

It makes my hair feel so soft and silky and has a lovely smell, sort of cocunutty (made my own little word up there!) Its just over £4.50 a bottle (i think??) but Tesco and Superdrug have it on offer alot, hence the numerous bottles of conditioner i have!

I love this lip balm from The Body Shop. I use it on its own for a nice nude lip or for abit of moisture for some lippies that can be quite dry. It tastes yum aswell so you do have to be careful you dont lick it all off!

And lastly this moisturiser from Neals Yard

Its the frankincense nourishing cream. Its a great moisturiser anyway but at the moment im suffering with my second cold this month! (Im not happy!!) So to stop the rudolph nose making an appearance iv been applying this round my nose a few times each day and its really helping to prevent the red sore skin that appears after constant nose blowing. A real help at the minute.


  1. I love coconut smell, so tropical!!
    On the other hand, I am also thinking of using Dove gradual self tanner now that I am back from holidays so I agree with most of your fave products!

  2. Im a little scared of "proper" fake tan so the gradual tanners are perfect for me :)

  3. ah im loving the john frieda hair spray and now i may have to try the shampoo! hope it smells just as nice as the spray


  4. I like the hairspray aswell. It smells different to the shampoo and conditioner but just as yum!

  5. I've wanted to try the Brilliant Brunette shampoo and conditioner for a long time. Right now I'm using John Frieda's Root Awakening shampoo and conditioner, but I don't love it. I think I'll try Brilliant Brunette next. :-)

  6. i really want to try brilliant brunette shampoo and cond. i tried them a while ago and some other ranges and wasnt keen, but i think i might just try again! xx

  7. Everyones different but for me they really work! I love them :)


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