Monday, 31 August 2009

What im using right now (no. 2)

I was going to do a favourites post but there's not really alot of bits that stand out to me this month so as this post has been doing the rounds again i thought id post mine as im sure alot would have changed from last time i did this

Shampoo: John Frieda brilliant brunette

Conditioner: John Frieda brilliant brunette

Styling products: I dont really use styling products! The odd bit of hairspray which again is a brilliant brunette one

Shower Gel: Soap and Glory clean on me

Body moisturiser: Soap and Glory the righteous butter

Deodorant: Dove

Fake Tan: I am currently embracing the pale!! But the very generous Marie kindly sent me a bottle of the St Moriz one which i will definitely try out soon

Cleanser: Is it bad that i dont use a cleanser??!

Exfoliator: A body shop tea tree oil one for my face, but for the body iv recently bought some exfoliating mitts which are amazing! and only 99p so a bargain

Primer: Bare minerals skin revver upper

Foundation brush: Bare minerals kabuki

Concealer: I occasionally use the gosh touch up concealer under the eyes or a collection 2000 one which doesnt cover amazingly well but it gives a nice brightning effect

Blusher: Everyday minerals email me

Bronzer: BarryM

Highlighter: I dont really use one

Eyeshadow base: UDPP

Eyeshadows: A few iv been loving lately patina, style snob and smoke and diamonds (all mac)

Eyeliner: A rimmel one. I really need to invest in a better black eyeliner

Mascara: Maybelline colossal

Lipstick: Iv been wearing alot of lipbalms lately instead of lipstick

Lipgloss: Again iv not really bothered with gloss lately

Nail Colour: Well right at the minute i have BarryM turquoise on my toes and nothing on fingers!

FOTN Smoke and diamonds

Long time no blog!
Here's my face of last night. We just had a girlie night out which has resulted in me spending the whole morning on the sofa and going for a nap after my dinner so a very good night :)

Here's what i used

Gosh touch up concealer in no. 2 under the eyes, everyday minerals foundation in fairly light neutral, everyday minerals blusher in bouquet, mac smoke and diamonds all over the lid and smoked out in the outer corner with carbon, a black eyeliner by rimmel, gosh eyeliner in purple stain lined under the eyes (it hasnt come out well on the photo's but its a gorgeous colour and looked really quite nice if i do say so myself!), maybelline colossal mascara, gosh darling lipstick with some body shop lip butter over the top, and bare minerals mineral veil.

Hope everyones enjoying their bank holiday :) (if its a bank holiday for you too!)

Saturday, 22 August 2009

Nudey nails!

Ages ago i bought one of the £1 nail polishes from Nails inc. (The offer that was in Fabulous magazine). It took ages to be delivered! I ordered it towards the end of July and it turned up last week!

I ordered Basil street which is a lovely nude shade. It looks abit darker on the website though and is described as a soft toffee colour.
Iv finally found the time this morning to try it out so here's what it looks like

Its really hard to show the actual colour of this in a photo. I really like the colour of this though and it went on really easy. Abit thick maybe but i did like how it applied.

Monday, 17 August 2009

My birthday! :)

Firstly just an apology for the poor photo's. The lighting in my room is really bad so the photo's have come out really dark!

So on Sunday it was my birthday! And i was well and truly spoilt.

The bf got me loads of lovely bits. Here's a few of the clothes he got me

A top from Topshop that iv had my eye on a while
This dress from Miss Selfridge which i love! He's well trained, haha :)

A t shirt from Truffle Shuffle, i used to love Sharky and George when i was little! I also got a My Little Pony hoodies from there (which i havent took a photo of). Yes im a big kid!

I got loads of other bits and bobs but i dont want to bore you with loads of photo's!

My sister got me some lovely bits from Accessorize (i dont know why blogger has decided to turn my pictures upside down?!)

A close up of the charm. I love it, its so cute :)

One of my friends got me some Lush goodies which i cant wait to try out. They all smell gorgeous!

In the box is Think Pink bath bomb, Butterball ballistic, Creamy Candy bubble bath and Pop in the Bath.

Oh and because i have a Body Shop love your body card you get a free £5 gift in your birthday month. I chose a new lip butter because i do love a lip balm and their lip butters are great. The lip butters are normally £5 but they was reduced to £4.75 so i was told i had to buy something else to get the price upto £5! Abit annoying but anyway i just bought a nail file with a free sample of their new handcream.

And if youv made it this far, well done, and look what finally got delivered today...

My £1 nail polish from the fabulous magazine offer! Iv been waiting for this for weeks!! I got Basil Street and when i get time to paint my nails in it i will do a notd. It looks like a lovely nude colour though.

Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Mac love that look

Here's what i got from the new Mac collection Love That Look
I got two eyeshadows, style snob and smoke & diamonds

Swatches below

(Smoke & diamonds on the top and style snob on the bottom)

I also bought another brush, the 217

Im loving my Mac brushes iv bought, they really do make a difference. I want to get some blush brushes so any recommendations are welcome :)

Rosacea update

When i first started this blog i did a post about my acne rosacea. Since that post i started back on a course of antibiotics which has nearly ended. I was given 64 tablets to be taken once a day. I went yesterday to see the doctor as a follow up and to see where to go from here. To be honest she was really unhelpful, basically saying she didnt understand rosacea and asking me what i wanted to do! Although she did say it looks like the marks left on my face are scarring and has refered me to a dermatologist. I was quite upset that she confirmed what i already thought about the marks on my face but im hopeful that the dermatologist can help! My appointment for that is on the 6th October but i can keep checking for cancellations and hopefully get in sooner. In the meantime im on another course of antibiotics!

Throughout my course of antibiotics i have taken some photo's. I was unsure wether to post them on here as some of them look quite bad but i couldnt really blog about it without showing exactly what im talking about.

So a little warning for the following photos!!! I have no make up on in any of these photos and they do look a little gross!

Near the beginning of my treatment:

Pictures from yesterday:

The last two aren't as clear but it gives you an idea. My skin is still slightly 'flushed' and there is visible dots which appear to be scars but i will keep you posted when iv been to see the dermatologist.

And to compensate for the awful pictures youv just had to look at here's one with make up on from Saturday night :)

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