Saturday, 27 June 2009

Angel wings

Iv been after a pair of angel wing earrings for a while and found some last week on ebay. The seller did gold plate or silver plate but i couldnt decide on which colour so bought both

I dont know what it is with my pictures but the colour always looks different??

There was some sellers on ebay selling the small versions but i like in your face jewellery so wanted the bigger 5cm ones. And total bargains, just under £5 for both pairs including delivery!

Thankyou Body Shop :)

A few weeks ago i had a bad experience with one of the sales assistants in The Body Shop. I normally find the staff in The Body Shop very friendly and go out of the way to help you so i was a little mad with how rude this assistant was. I sent an email to The Body Shop customer services and they were very apologetic, seemed to take my complaint seriously and asked for my address so they could send me a voucher. I really was not expecting anything like that but i think it shows how they feel about good customer service.

Anyway, little rant over, i went today to spend my voucher :)

And here's what i got

A small passion fruit body butter. Smells yum. Iv recently bought the strawberry body butter, which also smells delicious, so today i got a strawberry shower gel and strawberry body polish. There smaller bottles so definitely coming with me on my jollies, im going to smell very fruity :) When i was at the till the lady was lovely, chatting away, and threw in a little freebie! A sample pot of the cocoa body butter.

Iv been loving The Body Shop lately, and they currently have a sale in stores and on their website!

Friday, 26 June 2009

20 questions tag

Iv seen this tag doing the rounds and loved reading everyones answers so thought id do it to :)

Things you cannot leave the house without:
My bag and all its usual contents. Whenever i do leave the house i always shove a few tissues in there, dont know why, but they always come in handy for something.

Favourite brand of makeup:
It varies and does depend on the item. I used to love maybelline mascara's but recently discovered Loreal's voluminous. And im loving barry m for the nail varnish and lip products (just seen the new lipglosses!). I love mac's eyeshadows.

Favourite flower:
Lillies :) Although i dont like the mess they leave, nightmare to get off clothes!

Favourite clothing store:
I do love Topshop although dont like how everyone ends up with the same stuff. And lately iv found some nice bits in New Look.

Favourite perfume:
Hugo Boss deep red and Marc Jacobs daisy

Heels or flats:
Id have to say flats. I love heels but for the life of me i just cannot walk in them.

Do you make good grades:
Well i only did GCSE's which i did ok in, apart from science, ha. I did get an A in art which im quite proud of.

Favourite colour:
Purple. I like pink but not in clothes, it just doesnt suit me.

Do you drink energy drinks:
Not really, i think there far to sweet, but a vodka and red bull always goes down a treat :)

Do you drink juice:
Not really, i mainly drink water, apart from my morning cup of tea

Do you like swimming:
Yes. I used to be a right water baby when i was younger and iv recently started going again

Do you eat fries with a fork:
Fries no, but i normally eat chunky chips with a fork

Favourite moisturiser:
For the body i like Body Shop body butters, but i use a Neals Yard one for my face

Do you want to get married in later life:
To be honest im not really bothered. I cant wait to have kids and all that but iv never been in any rush to get married. I might feel differently when im alot older but i wouldnt want nothing big. Im not a total unromantic, my mum and dad got divorced and it probably scared me for life! Ha!

Do you get mad easily:
Im quite chilled out but if something bugs me you'd know about it

Are you into ghost hunting:
Yes. Id probably be a total scardy cat if it came to doing it but i do believe in ghosty things

Any phobias:
I dont like spiders and the dark but im not petrified of them. I have a weird thing about the child catcher of the film chitty chitty bang bang and mick hucknall!! Haha! I must have had a very weird childhood

Do you bite your nails:
No, i never have done

Have you ever had a near death experience:
No and i hope i dont

Do you drink coffee:
No, im a tea girl. I love the smell of coffee though

Holiday bits :)

Long time no see! This past few weeks have been hectic. A few weeks ago me and the bf booked a holiday to Cyprus for a week, we go on the 4th July, next Saturday! So the past few weekends have been spent buying holiday clothes, whilst trying to save some spending money for my holiday.

Here's a few bits iv bought:

This was from River Island, £21.99

This is more of a coral colour than it appears. Its from Topshop, £14 (i think??)

Iv been after a denim skirt for ages that fits prefectly and this one does :) It was from New Look, £18. It is slightly darker than it looks in the picture.

Love this bandeau top, its from Mango, £12 in the sale. Looks great with some bright coloured beads. I love the coloured stitching

Then onto some bargains from Primark!

It was around £4. And fits so nice, i sometimes have trouble with primark clothes and how they fit. I spotted a top similar to this in River Island

I think this skirt was around £6?? Its a bright purple colour (although it doesnt look it in the picture)

And a few new pairs of shoes :)

Top pair are from Tesco and the bottom pair are from Primark!! Budget shoes!!

The Tesco ones were £15 but i had a £10 clothing voucher so they only cost £5 and the Primark ones were £6.

Sorry about the length of this and all the pictures! I still need to get another bikini but i really want a bandeau one but having really seen a nice one or a nice one that looks nice on. And then its that hard task of figuring out what make up bits to take and how to fit the mountains of clothes i want to take into my suitcase?! Iv never been able to pack light!

Thursday, 18 June 2009

Curly wurly??

A while ago when i bought my new hairdryer i got a voucher for a free mini Umberto Giannini product. Iv always tried to get the perfect wavy hair so picked up 'curl friends'

It says on the bottle to spritz evenly through dry hair and leave or style as desired. So tonight I washed my hair like normal and dried it, trying to pull it a little straight as my hair is naturally a little wavy but huge!! When it was dried and sort of straight I sprayed this through. I didnt really notice it doing anything so sprayed a little more and seperated with my fingers and ta da...

Its slightly wavy and quite natural looking. It smells gorgeous and does make my hair nice and shiny. I definitely think you need some natural wave to your hair for it to do anything though. I dont think id actually buy this but as a freebe its ok, id never wear my hair naturally wavy (due to the frizz and size of the bouffant!) but im quite happy to leave the house like this :)

Friday, 12 June 2009

Today is a good day :)

Im off work today but managed to get up when the bf left for work and actually went swimming!! Im not sure how long this 'get fit' streak will last but so far so good.

After my early morning swim i nipped to tesco to get some bits (car mags for the bf and some popcorn, you know the usual, ha) and they had 3 for 2 on all cosmetics so i had to get some!
I got Loreal voluminous mascara and two Rimmel lipsticks. Im not sure if this mascara was supposed to be being discontinued?? Im probably getting confused with something else but if it is i might have to raid tesco's shelves as they had quite a few.

The lipsticks are a volume booster lipstick in 102 Foxy and a moisture renew lipstick in 700 Nude delight

Nude delight on the left and Foxy on the right

Swatches below

I love these colours. Im not sure how much of a booster Foxy is but there's definite tingling when applied.

Iv just come back from meeting a friend (got to make the most of the sun) and found out that iv won dressjunkie's tidy up time nail competition. Im so excited :) Im off to meet my mum soon to do the weekly shop (ha) so i might treat myself to a lottery ticket, see if the lucks still there!

Sunday, 7 June 2009

Everything of the day!

Yesterday was the bf's birthday so last night we went out to celebrate. We couldnt go crazy as the next day he had a day out with his mates planned so we went with his family for a meal and back home for some drinks, which always gets a little messy with 2 brothers, 1 sister, some in laws, and not forgetting the 2 year old nephew!!

The face:

What i used:

Everyday minerals foundation in fairly light neutral, Barrym bronzer, Everyday minerals blusher in email me, Gosh concealer, Mac shadestick in cakeshop, Mac eyeshadow in club, Rimmel black eyeliner, Benefit bad gal lash mascara, Bare minerals mineral veil, Gosh lipstick in darling

What i wore:

Top and jeans from Topshop and my Irregular choice shoes

And my nails:

Barrym coral

Thursday, 4 June 2009

FOTD with my shimmer cubes

Tonight iv had a little play with my shimmer cubes and i like :) Here's my fotd

Im not as miserable as i look in these photos, honest!!

What i used

Bare minerals foundation in light, bare minerals mineral veil, maybelline mineral blush in topaz rose, marshmallow and choc chip from my shimmer cubes, rimmel black eyeliner, benefit bad gal lash mascara (which i love, thankyou glamour magazine!), yes yes yes lip balm and a hint of barry m lipstick in 101.

Teeny Body Shop haul...

So i took advantage of one of the discount codes many bloggers who attended the Body Shop Bloggers event have posted recently, and I got a few bits

A shimmer cube pallet (06), a strawberry body butter and a Body Shop love your body card
Swatches of the shimmer cubes

from bottom to top, honeycomb, dark chocolate, marshmallow, choc chip ... yum!
The strawberry body butter smells absolutely delicious, like fresh strawberries, great for the summertime.
The love your body card i'd thought about getting for a while, it costs £5 but gives 10% off all purchases for a year, a £5 birthday gift of your choice, 2 free gifts when you'v collected 4 and 8 stamps and invitations to exclusive events. So im sure this is £5 well spent!
And when i got home today the postman had delivered my Glamour magazine (i got a subscription for christmas) with a great free gift

A mini Benefit Bad Gal Lash mascara! Iv never tried this mascara so am looking forward to trying this out. The brush looks like i'll love it!

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