Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Christmas shopping?

Its that time of year again. With christmas looming most of my weekends (and money!) are spent buying christmas presents. But this weekend i did treat myself to a few little bits from H & M :)

I got these earrings for £3.99

Most of my earrings are big, like they wouldnt look out of place sitting in Pat Butchers jewellery box! Thats just how i like them.
I also got this lipbalm for £1.50 (i think??)

Its strawberry scented, smells yum, but to be honest its not the greatest lipbalm. I merely bought it for the novelty factor :) They have loads of Hello Kitty bits and bobs in, make up bags and cosmetics.


BarryM "Bright pink"

A gorgeous girlie pink, which in some lights looks a little neon! Love it!

Friday, 6 November 2009

Yet another sleek graphite post!

Im sorry to subject you to another post on the sleek graphite pallet but i havent bought any (well not alot, ha) of make up lately. Iv been on abit of a spending ban but when i seen this pallet i really really wanted it. So today i walked past superdrug and i thought if theyv got any in i'll buy it... call it fate! Well good for me they had a few in so here it is

I love it! Especially the two purple colours!
Im sure everyones got this already but here's a few swatches just so you can see if you havent how much you need this!

Bargain lipstick :)

Alot of my lipsticks are nudes. I just feel abit "safer" wearing a nude lip. But iv longed for a gorgeous bubblegum pink lippie. The longing is no more, here is Boots Natural Collection moisture shine lipstick in pink mallow

I saw this on Arlene's blog about a week ago and i knew i had to have it. Its the perfect colour and just what i was looking for.

It is really moisturising and certainly has some staying power. And at £1.95 a total bargain!

Here's a few pictures of me wearing it, it doesnt look half as bright as it actually appears on the lips

Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Current obsession #1

Lining my eyes with eyeshadow

I use a Ruby and Millie slanted eye brush slighty wet and Mac's carbon. I find it so much easier than using a pencil and you can use any colour eyeshadow.

Wednesday, 21 October 2009

The fringe is growing!

As iv said before i go through a cycle with my hair. I want a fringe, i get one cut, i want it out, i grow it out, i want a fringe etc...

A few months ago i had a fringe cut and after seeing some pictures on tumblr of girls with gorgeous hair and no fringe's i was swaying towards the "i want to grow it out" phase! So last night i had a play and its actually long enough to twist it up out of the way :)

The twist :)

I quite like it :)

Saturday, 10 October 2009

"Rosacea" update!

So as i mentioned in my last post about my skin i had an appointment with the dermatologist which was last Tuesday. There's not really much to report from the appointment. He did tell me though that he doesnt think i have rosacea (which is what the doctors have been saying for so long) so basically iv been taking antibiotics for a long time for no reason. For as long as i can remember iv had small red spots on the tops of my arms and legs and he thinks its a form of that on my face! He has wrote down what its called, some long fandangelled name, but to cut a long story short there's nothing that can be done :( I have noticed that lately iv been making sure i exfoliate my arms everyday and the spots are much better so iv decided to change my skincare routine for my face and see if really looking after my skin can help.

So today i went to a clinque counter and got the 3 step skin care system
I got the smaller version so i can try it out and see how i get on. You get all three for £20. Im really hoping this works for me! I also picked up some simple face wipes to remove my make up before i wash my face with the face wash.
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