Thursday, 30 April 2009

8 things tag...

A big thankyou to Marie for my first tag :)

8 things I look forward to:

1) The end of the working day
2) Girlie nights out
3) Spending time with the boy
4) Payday
5) Getting my hair cut tomorrow
6) Clear skin (just started my tablets again so bye bye rosacea, hopefully!)
7) The future with my boyfriend (and hopefully lots of babies, hee)
8) Moving out

8 things I did yesterday:

1) Wore purple to work
2) Went to my dads for tea
3) Internet window shopped ready for payday
4) Got a migraine :(
5) Was supposed to go round my friends to watch the apprentice but the migraine stopped any plans I had
6) Had a bagel for my lunch
7) Still had a sore stomach from aerobics on Monday!
8) Read some of a book before bed

8 things I wish I could do:

1) Win the lottery, not gonna happen unless I buy a ticket
2) Make a purr sound with my tongue (I try and try...)
3) Work in my dream job (not 100% what this actually is)
4) Go on loads of holidays every year
5) Stop worrying so much
6) Apply makeup like an artist
7) Have clear skin
8) Have a genie in a bottle to make these come true??

8 things I watch:

1) The Inbetweeners
2) Snog, marry, avoid
3) The hills
4) Katie and Peter Stateside
5) The apprentice
6) Girls of the playboy mansion
7) Gavin & Stacey
8) Goks fashion fix

Your supposed to tag 8 bloggers after this but I havent got 8 followers (so sad, ha) so I tag:





I would have tagged my other 2 followers but theyv both done this tag!

Wednesday, 29 April 2009

A few random facts!

I now have 5 followers (wow, thanks guys :) ) so thought i'd do a post of random facts all about me! Ha!

My name is Charlotte (hello!). (Not really a fact but thought i'd introduce myself as my blog name is probably confusing). Middle names Beth.

One of my favourite foods is cheese! I could easily have this grated on everything I eat! I suffer from migraines though so not the best food to be eating in large consumption!

I love going on holidays, my favourite part is probably being at the airport!?! I don't know why when you have such a good time on holiday. I think its the excitement I love!

I drive a peugout 106 quiksilver. It took me ages to find the right one but im very happy with it.

My favourite disney film is Alice in Wonderland.

I am obsessed with smells! I smell all beauty products before I use them (make up included) and occasionally smell the air when I walk past someone to smell their perfume or aftershave. (This sounds really weird now iv wrote it down but I can assure you im not that weird!)

I used to suffer from ocd. Im not sure how or why it started but im pretty sure it had something to do with the bad relationship I was in at the time. Iv overcome this now. Apart from a few little things but we all have our little quirks.

I love animals. I have a rabbit, a guinea pig and 2 cats. I would love a chihuahua and a tortoise. One of my biggest hates is animal cruelty!

I have really bad circulation which results in my hands and feet always being cold.

I can use my feet like hands. I use my big toe to switch plugs at the bottom of the wall on and occasionally pick things up with my feet. This is actually very weird!

I have a (verging on unhealthy) obsession with crappy tv programmes like the hills, laguna beach, girls of the playboy mansion, newlyweds, meet the barkers, cribs...

I love food! Eating it, baking it, cooking it.

Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Tea tree oil from The Body Shop

At the weekend I went into The Body Shop to buy a new lip balm but whilst in there I had a look at the skincare products. As I suffer from rosacea i'm always trying out new skincare products and routines which will help my skin. When I was at school I used to suffer from typical teenage spots and used to use a tea tree gel from Superdrug which really helped clear spots up, so I thought id give this a go:

The Body Shop Tea Tree Oil Foaming Face Wash. It says "instantly lathers up, unclogging pores as it washes away make-up and oil. With added peppermint oil to refresh and cool skin. A cleansing gel that lathers to gently cleanse, lift impurities and make-up while helping to control shine and blemishes". It does come out as a foam and really leaves your skin feeling refreshed.

Im so impressed with this that i'v just placed an order for the normal tea tree oil face wash and skin toner.

I also bought one of there eyeshadows in the colour taupe. Theres currently an offer on Body Shop skin care and make up products (save £5 when you buy 3 items) so I thought i'd add a third item to my order (like it takes much persuading!!)

Monday, 20 April 2009

My first FOTD!!

Well Face Of Friday Day! (Excuse the messy hair)

As you can see im practising with my photo's! Technology and me don't mix!!

On my face: lily lolo mineral foundation in blondie, everyday minerals foundation in fairly light neutral (I don't think blondie is the right shade for me so had to use abit of this), lily lolo concealer in blush away, lily lolo blusher in juicy peach

Eyes: a couple of colours from the beautyuk pallet (shown in a previous blog), rimmel soft kohl eyeliner, maybelline colossal mascara

(Not the best close up of the eyes but you get the idea :) )

Lips: a natural collection lipgloss iv had for ages, its not the best lipgloss - very gritty and not long lasting, but I love the look of it on my lips

Saturday, 18 April 2009

A little bit of shopping...

Here's what I bought today

The oui oui oui lip butter from The Body Shop. Iv got a coconut lip butter from The Body Shop which I absolutely love, its slightly gritty but gives lips a gorgeous sheen and tastes gorgeous. As soon as I got in the car to come home I tried this out and its even better than the coconut one I have. Even the boyfriend commented on how nice my lips looked!!

A concealer by gosh. Iv heard good things about this so thought i'd try it out.

I just had to get some of the girls aloud lashes! The Superdrug in Nottingham had loads in, all 5 of them!! (Iv heard of some with none left!) I had to really stop myself getting all 5 but I talked myself into the fact that I probably wouldn't use them so I got Kimberley's, which I think looked the most natural out of the 5.

The 2 rings from Primark. I couldn't decide on which colour but at £2 each I thought I'd get both! I love abit of ring bling :)

I also bought a face wash from The Body Shop

Iv been using a simple face wash but I don't think it does wonders for my skin so I'm trying out some new ones. Iv not long had a shower and used this and it certainly leaves you feeling refreshed. It contains peppermint oil which you can definitely tell! After a few uses i'll do a review.

Friday, 17 April 2009

What im using right now

I haven't done one of these yet so thought I would.

Shampoo: Tigi S Factor Colour Savvy. A little goes a long way.

Conditioner: Tigi S Factor Colour Savvy. Amazing!! Again you need the littlest bit, great value.
Hair mask: Don't really need one at the moment.

Shower gel: Soap and Glory some like it hot body softening thermal scrub (its an exfoliator so I should be silky smooth)

Body moisturiser: Soap and Glory the righteous butter

Exfoliater: The Soap and Glory shower gel is an exfoliator but occasionally use Soap and Glory flake away body scrub (see abit of a trend here in the shower!!)

Fake tan: Im pasty at the minute!! But I actually thought to myself today that I ought to get the fake bake out

Face cleanser: I have been using Simple moisturising facial wash but Iv just bought The Body Shop tea tree oil foaming facial wash to try

Face mask: None

Special treatments: Sudocrem for the spots!!

Make up primer: Bare minerals skin revver upper

Foundation: Iv been trying out a few of the mineral ones lately, bare minerals, everyday minerals and lily lolo

Concealer: Everyday minerals mint colour corrector and a gosh liquid one

Blusher: Maybelline mineral blush in topaz rose and everyday minerals email me

Bronzer: I haven't been using one lately but im sure now the suns showing itself I soon will be

Highlighter: I don't really use one

Eyeshadow base: Urban Decay primer potion

Eyeshadows: At the minute iv been experimenting with my cheap pallet from Superdrug

Eyeliner: Rimmel soft khol

Mascara: Maybelline colossal

Lipstick: Gosh darling (surprise surprise) and a coconut lip butter from The Body Shop (which is a perfect nude) so of course i have now bought the oui oui oui

Lipgloss: Benefit her glossiness

Nail colour: An orange on my toes but nothing on my fingers

Monday, 13 April 2009

A spot of easter shopping

Happy Easter! I think iv managed to eat nearly 3 eggs over this weekend (!!) so did abit of shopping today to burn off some calories :)

I got a few new tops, perfect for the summer and these bits...

I love these earrings from River Island (the picture doesnt show them well)

Also I jumped on the bandwagon with the beautyuk pallets from superdrug but I saw this one and had to have it. They are really pigmented and for £3 an absolute bargain!! Cant wait to play about with them :) Seriously considering picking up the bright colours pallet, well for that price it'd be rude not to!

And lastly some batiste dry shampoo. When I last went to the hairdressers she told me to try and not wash my hair everyday. Im obsessed with washing my hair, I can't stand the feel of it when its not washed so the only way this can be bareable is to dry shampoo it inbetween washes.

Monday, 6 April 2009


So I thought i'd become a sheep and join twitter!! Another website to take up my time!


Friday, 3 April 2009

Mac sugarsweet order

Whilst typing my previous post a man knocked at the door with a package for me, it was my mini mac order! I ordered this yesterday so wasn't expecting it until next week sometime. Im such an impatient person so im very happy now :)

When I said mini I meant mini, I only ordered two things! April's quite a poor month for me :( My car tax has to be paid and its my m.o.t! (Its months like this when I wish I didn't drive).

Enough rambling, onto my products.

I was feeling sensible yesterday and bought a couple of bits I knew would suit me and I could easily wear. I got a shadestick in cakeshop and an eyeshadow in club. Im really pleased, the colours are great for me, and club looks really good on top of cakeshop! I cant wait to try them out.

Swatches below:
(without flash)

(with flash)

(Far left cakeshop, middle club, far right club on top of cakeshop)

Bright nails

Theres nothing like abit of sun to have me reaching for the bright nail varnish :)

Above we have Rimmel 236 green grass, Rimmel 050 tangerine queen, and 17 Miami

And below (not so very clear) swatches:

I dont necessarily wear the colours as a full nail, my sisters a beautician and makes my nails look really pretty by just painting the tips a nice bright colour!

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