Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Christmas shopping?

Its that time of year again. With christmas looming most of my weekends (and money!) are spent buying christmas presents. But this weekend i did treat myself to a few little bits from H & M :)

I got these earrings for £3.99

Most of my earrings are big, like they wouldnt look out of place sitting in Pat Butchers jewellery box! Thats just how i like them.
I also got this lipbalm for £1.50 (i think??)

Its strawberry scented, smells yum, but to be honest its not the greatest lipbalm. I merely bought it for the novelty factor :) They have loads of Hello Kitty bits and bobs in, make up bags and cosmetics.


  1. OO i love them earrings! I think I need a bit of H&m retail therapy ;)

  2. Those earrings are gorgeous & I have a hello kitty bag from H&M! :) XO

  3. I really like those earrings. I don't think I've ever paid much attention to the jewellery in H&M before. Will have to have a look.


  4. I love the jewellery in H&M! Its all quite cheap aswell which is a nice bonus :)

  5. That lipbalm would make a pretty jewellery box once it's finished, so it's an investment really! :)


  6. I like your thinking Tina :) What a great idea!


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