Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Updating my Mac pallet

On Monday i ordered a few more pans for my Mac pallet and these were waiting for me when i got home today :)

I got knight devine, all that glitters and trax.
You'v probably seen this colours before but here's some swatches anyway

There all settled in nicely in my pallet :)

I also ordered some magnets today so i can depot some of my others!! (Really hope i dont mess it up, ha)


  1. Ooooh pretty! I think on payday I'm going to have to get involved in a Mac pallette :) (I'm rubbish at this spending diet)


  2. Its dangerous for your bank account! Im obsessed with trying to fill it, ha.

  3. Nice choices :D
    where did you order your magnets from? I can't really find any

  4. sells them but i didnt want to pay the shipping just for some magnets so i got them off ebay, the seller was *makeup_nation* :)

  5. Hi, just came across your blog & thought I would say Hello, great purchase some pretty colours All That Glitters is one of my all time favs, Mac palattes are sooo addictive, feel free to say hi on a comment xoxo

  6. All that glitters is a great colour, the others are on my MAC wishlist too, but haven't got round to getting them...

    Enjoy filling your palette (I 'm almost done myself with my first after endless months - lol)! ;)



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