Tuesday, 15 September 2009

My few Maybelline bits

As everyone is very aware there was a Maybelline event a few weeks ago. I was gutted i couldnt get the time off work to go as the few bits of Maybelline makeup i have i love! The colossal mascara and mineral blush in topaz rose are a couple of them. But the lovely Natalie arranged for a few Maybelline goodies to be sent to me, thankyou :)

I got the new vibrating mascara, and 2 lipsticks!
First the mascara. I was really excited that id been sent this, as soon as i saw the advert on tele for it i couldnt wait to try it. The vibrating of it doesnt bother me but you have to keep the button pressed in which was abit of a pain for how i hold my mascara. It definitely added some length to my lashes but i still love my colossal that little bit more.
Here's some before and after pictures

The lipsticks

Firstly brown attitude. When i first saw this i instantly thought how much is wasnt me. But i thought id try it to put some pictures on here and the more i wore it the more it grew on me!

And the second lipstick is precious beige. I love this colour!


  1. I felt the same about brown attitude but it's really nice!

  2. I third the Brown Attitude feelings!



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