Monday, 31 August 2009

What im using right now (no. 2)

I was going to do a favourites post but there's not really alot of bits that stand out to me this month so as this post has been doing the rounds again i thought id post mine as im sure alot would have changed from last time i did this

Shampoo: John Frieda brilliant brunette

Conditioner: John Frieda brilliant brunette

Styling products: I dont really use styling products! The odd bit of hairspray which again is a brilliant brunette one

Shower Gel: Soap and Glory clean on me

Body moisturiser: Soap and Glory the righteous butter

Deodorant: Dove

Fake Tan: I am currently embracing the pale!! But the very generous Marie kindly sent me a bottle of the St Moriz one which i will definitely try out soon

Cleanser: Is it bad that i dont use a cleanser??!

Exfoliator: A body shop tea tree oil one for my face, but for the body iv recently bought some exfoliating mitts which are amazing! and only 99p so a bargain

Primer: Bare minerals skin revver upper

Foundation brush: Bare minerals kabuki

Concealer: I occasionally use the gosh touch up concealer under the eyes or a collection 2000 one which doesnt cover amazingly well but it gives a nice brightning effect

Blusher: Everyday minerals email me

Bronzer: BarryM

Highlighter: I dont really use one

Eyeshadow base: UDPP

Eyeshadows: A few iv been loving lately patina, style snob and smoke and diamonds (all mac)

Eyeliner: A rimmel one. I really need to invest in a better black eyeliner

Mascara: Maybelline colossal

Lipstick: Iv been wearing alot of lipbalms lately instead of lipstick

Lipgloss: Again iv not really bothered with gloss lately

Nail Colour: Well right at the minute i have BarryM turquoise on my toes and nothing on fingers!

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  1. It is v bad that you don't use a cleanser! ;) Superdrug has a good one in their new Purity range - I'm usually v much a high end skincare person, but I was impressed with this.


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