Wednesday, 9 September 2009

Sally Hansen to the rescue :)

Over the past few months i have really put my toes through it! Bright nail varnishes kept on for far longer than im sure is advised, the nail varnish being taken off only to be replaced straight away with another shocking colour.

Well i think its safe to say the poor excuse of a summer we had is over so last Friday i took my nail varnish off my toes with the intensions of leaving them be for a while. Eurgh!! They was in a sorry state :( Deep ridges, white patches and quite flaky (bleurgh, im making myself feeling queasy so i'll stop now!)

But Sally Hansen was on hand to help :)

A while back i won some nail prizes off a give away the lovely dressjunkie had. In my prizes was this baby

Sally Hansen nail quencher cuticle cream
What Sally says: smoothes cuticles, strengthens & conditions nails, with mineral rich hydration, plant extracts, vitamins and essential oils. Cuticles are nourished and conditioned, encouraging stronger, healthy nails.

That night i popped abit on each nail and rubbed it in. It smells lovely, like creamy citrus (what an explanation!!) Anyway, the next morning they already looked loads better!! So iv been applying it everyday (if i remember) and they are just getting better and better. The ridges are almost gone and they look so much healthier!
A big thumbs up to Sally Hansen! (And thankyou Arlene)


  1. I definitely don't take good care of my cuticles. Guess that's why my manis always take forever. Ah ha

  2. my nails are in an appauling state at the moment, I may go purchase some sally hansen treats for them!xx


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