Saturday, 10 October 2009

"Rosacea" update!

So as i mentioned in my last post about my skin i had an appointment with the dermatologist which was last Tuesday. There's not really much to report from the appointment. He did tell me though that he doesnt think i have rosacea (which is what the doctors have been saying for so long) so basically iv been taking antibiotics for a long time for no reason. For as long as i can remember iv had small red spots on the tops of my arms and legs and he thinks its a form of that on my face! He has wrote down what its called, some long fandangelled name, but to cut a long story short there's nothing that can be done :( I have noticed that lately iv been making sure i exfoliate my arms everyday and the spots are much better so iv decided to change my skincare routine for my face and see if really looking after my skin can help.

So today i went to a clinque counter and got the 3 step skin care system
I got the smaller version so i can try it out and see how i get on. You get all three for £20. Im really hoping this works for me! I also picked up some simple face wipes to remove my make up before i wash my face with the face wash.


  1. Hi hun, can I ask how you get an appointment at a dermatologists? Do you have to get reffered by a doctor and do you pay for it?

    Thanks, need to sort my skin out! x

  2. You can see one privately which you pay for but i was referred by my doctor which was free on the nhs. He was so much better than my doctor because he specializes in that, really knew what he was talking about.

  3. Ahh thanks hon. I'm contemplating whether to go back on the Dianette pill as it's the only thing that's ever worked for my acne but I might ask the Doc about a dermotologists next time. Thnx. x


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