Wednesday, 30 September 2009

I depotted my Mac eyeshadows!

The other day i decided the time had to come to depot! I find it so much easier just opening up a pallet to find a colour rather than route around my drawers.

So i ordered some magnets which came today and with a little help from Peachykeencheeks video i managed to depot and update my pallet :)
All ready to go...


Ta da, i did it!! :)

A little mention about my magnets. I got them from ebay, from a seller called *makeup_nation* They cost me $4.00 for 15 magnets including postage, which worked out at £2.51 (to be exact, ha). The shipping was so quick to say they came from America. Ordered them on the 23rd in the Afternoon and they arrived today!


  1. Bravo chickie!!! No cuts?? Amazing!

  2. Depotting is always a messy task, but nth like seeing your shadows all organised in a palette, right? :)))



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