Thursday, 14 May 2009

What im loving lately...

Iv not done a post in ages! This time of year is always an expensive time so iv had to cut back with my spending these past few weeks but im back! Tomorrow im off work and im going shopping!! Im rather excited as iv not stepped foot in a shop for a few weeks now! (Tell a little lie, I popped into Superdrug last night to buy a present, but treated myself a little whilst in there!) Im supposed to be going shopping for some birthday presents for the boyfriend (not got a clue what to get him!) but im sure i'll manage to find myself some goodies :) Anyway enough of the ramble...


Barry M. Theres been alot of talk of Bazza lately with the bloggers event coming up and new products. My little treat from Superdrug was the Barry M natural dazzle compact. As soon as I got home I was swiping this on my face and I loved it. Iv had bad experiences in the past with bronzer (!!) but so far so good

My shopping day tomorrow, reallt rather excited!

My skin. Its no where near clear but i think its looking alot better than it has. Iv been taking tablets for my rosacea again for the past month (ish) so hopefully if I stick with it i'll have nice skin in no time (fingers and toes crossed)

Not loving so much:

Holiday hunting. Me and the boyfriend were planning a few days away here in the uk but with the cold wet days im more and more tempted to go abroad for a holiday! So start the trawling through loads of travel websites to find a holiday we can agree on

Paleness. On the rare occasion that the sun shows its face and its time to reach for the summer clothes iv got skin on show that could rival casper!! So iv found some dove summer body at the back of the cupboard which is now being slapped on daily

Work. Boring, boring, boring

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