Friday, 1 May 2009


Normally on a day off work I go shopping (not good for the purse!) but I haven't really got the money at the moment to be spending on things I dont need (I have finally realised want and need are two different words!)
After looking at videos on you tube I saw a great tutorial from pixiwoo using a pallet from Sleek. I bought two of their pallets the other day so thought i'd have a play around

I wasnt sure wether to do this post as I have major issues with lighting at my house so the photos don't really give a very good impression of the colours but here it is anyway.

I used:

I dont know why this photo is upside down?!?!

Bare minerals foundation in fairly light, Maybelline mineral blush in topaz rose, Sleek pallets storm and divine (the purple colour from divine and the dark blue colour from storm), Maybelline colossal mascara, rimmel eyeliner, and a gosh lipgloss (no. 22)


  1. pretty :)
    how do u like the sleek palettes?

  2. Thanks :)
    I love them! The colours come out really well, very pigmented! And some of the colours in the pallets are gorgeous. There just under a fiver I think so a bargain!

  3. Wow, definitely need to check them out next time I'm in the UK. :)


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