Sunday, 31 May 2009

Im back...

Sorry for the absence. This past week me and the bf have been house sitting and trying to make the most of a week off work and the sunshine :) But throughout the week I have picked up a few new bits n bobs that i thought id share with you.

Half way through the week my hairdryer died! So an urgent trip to boots to buy a new one. I didn't have a clue what to go for, all i knew was the past two hairdryers id had were Nicky Clarke ones and they'd both died on me!! My boots didn't have the best choice but i did see this

I loved the packaging and the bright coloured attachments and it was half price, reduced from £60 to £30 so i fell for it and so far so good. It comes with 3 attachments and a brush. Also in the packaging was a gift card for a free Umberto Giannini mini product so back to boots were i picked up Natural Curls Styling Spray

Iv got naturally wavy hair but it never looks nice just left in its wild naturalness!! So hopefully this will turn my mane into gorgeous beach waves (wishful thinking!)

Also last week i turned up at the house with a load of wood and a great big smile hoping my bf would offer to make up my new make up storage i bought from Ikea. (I really didnt think it would come all flat with loads of screws and nails and as soon as i started i had to give up... diy is not for me!) The smile must have worked as i now have some new storage for all my favourite bits

Its not the most exciting looking thing but it serves its purpose. Im undecided wether to paint it or stain it or stick some pretty things on it??


  1. Lovely hairdryer!, If i were you i'd paint the storage unit a nice pastel colour, and get some lovely wall paper samples and cover the sides, Let me know what you decide! xo

  2. Ooh, i never thought about wall paper! Thats an idea... thanks :)

  3. Yep I have these drawers and I heart them! I actually like them the way they are, rustic and they go with my furniture. I might change my mind though! ;) x

  4. I keep looking at them and thinking i quite like them as they are too. Im very indecisive!


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