Saturday, 16 May 2009

The perfect face?!

I saw this on Superficial Girls blog and just had to try it myself. There was a programme on channel 4 a while ago called Vanity Lair were they said symmetrical faces are the most scientifically attractive. This has always had me thinking as i think imperfections are just as attractive, there what makes us us.

So i went on the website and submitted my picture.

My results were 8.47 out of 10. It said my face has good horizontal symmetry and the ratio of mouth to nose width is nearly ideal BUT my nose is too long for my ears and too wide for my face and my face is too narrow / long.

Everything it picked up on i am aware of anyway. I have got a long face and iv always thought my nose is a little big for my face. Not too sure about it being too long for my ears though??

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