Monday, 13 April 2009

A spot of easter shopping

Happy Easter! I think iv managed to eat nearly 3 eggs over this weekend (!!) so did abit of shopping today to burn off some calories :)

I got a few new tops, perfect for the summer and these bits...

I love these earrings from River Island (the picture doesnt show them well)

Also I jumped on the bandwagon with the beautyuk pallets from superdrug but I saw this one and had to have it. They are really pigmented and for £3 an absolute bargain!! Cant wait to play about with them :) Seriously considering picking up the bright colours pallet, well for that price it'd be rude not to!

And lastly some batiste dry shampoo. When I last went to the hairdressers she told me to try and not wash my hair everyday. Im obsessed with washing my hair, I can't stand the feel of it when its not washed so the only way this can be bareable is to dry shampoo it inbetween washes.

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