Saturday, 18 April 2009

A little bit of shopping...

Here's what I bought today

The oui oui oui lip butter from The Body Shop. Iv got a coconut lip butter from The Body Shop which I absolutely love, its slightly gritty but gives lips a gorgeous sheen and tastes gorgeous. As soon as I got in the car to come home I tried this out and its even better than the coconut one I have. Even the boyfriend commented on how nice my lips looked!!

A concealer by gosh. Iv heard good things about this so thought i'd try it out.

I just had to get some of the girls aloud lashes! The Superdrug in Nottingham had loads in, all 5 of them!! (Iv heard of some with none left!) I had to really stop myself getting all 5 but I talked myself into the fact that I probably wouldn't use them so I got Kimberley's, which I think looked the most natural out of the 5.

The 2 rings from Primark. I couldn't decide on which colour but at £2 each I thought I'd get both! I love abit of ring bling :)

I also bought a face wash from The Body Shop

Iv been using a simple face wash but I don't think it does wonders for my skin so I'm trying out some new ones. Iv not long had a shower and used this and it certainly leaves you feeling refreshed. It contains peppermint oil which you can definitely tell! After a few uses i'll do a review.

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