Saturday, 27 June 2009

Thankyou Body Shop :)

A few weeks ago i had a bad experience with one of the sales assistants in The Body Shop. I normally find the staff in The Body Shop very friendly and go out of the way to help you so i was a little mad with how rude this assistant was. I sent an email to The Body Shop customer services and they were very apologetic, seemed to take my complaint seriously and asked for my address so they could send me a voucher. I really was not expecting anything like that but i think it shows how they feel about good customer service.

Anyway, little rant over, i went today to spend my voucher :)

And here's what i got

A small passion fruit body butter. Smells yum. Iv recently bought the strawberry body butter, which also smells delicious, so today i got a strawberry shower gel and strawberry body polish. There smaller bottles so definitely coming with me on my jollies, im going to smell very fruity :) When i was at the till the lady was lovely, chatting away, and threw in a little freebie! A sample pot of the cocoa body butter.

Iv been loving The Body Shop lately, and they currently have a sale in stores and on their website!


  1. Wow that's good of them!! I loooove passion fruit body butter, you should trying mixing it with the strawberry one. I've mixed mine before (other combinations though!) and it makes them smell even better! xxx

  2. Wow, I guess the rude sales assistant situation worked out for the best! :)

    Love it when they give me samples at TBS, but that happens almost never!


  3. @Little Miss Beauty Junkie Now there's an idea! Yum :)

    @tina_mbc Its never happened to me before, they should give out freebies more often! :)


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