Friday, 26 June 2009

20 questions tag

Iv seen this tag doing the rounds and loved reading everyones answers so thought id do it to :)

Things you cannot leave the house without:
My bag and all its usual contents. Whenever i do leave the house i always shove a few tissues in there, dont know why, but they always come in handy for something.

Favourite brand of makeup:
It varies and does depend on the item. I used to love maybelline mascara's but recently discovered Loreal's voluminous. And im loving barry m for the nail varnish and lip products (just seen the new lipglosses!). I love mac's eyeshadows.

Favourite flower:
Lillies :) Although i dont like the mess they leave, nightmare to get off clothes!

Favourite clothing store:
I do love Topshop although dont like how everyone ends up with the same stuff. And lately iv found some nice bits in New Look.

Favourite perfume:
Hugo Boss deep red and Marc Jacobs daisy

Heels or flats:
Id have to say flats. I love heels but for the life of me i just cannot walk in them.

Do you make good grades:
Well i only did GCSE's which i did ok in, apart from science, ha. I did get an A in art which im quite proud of.

Favourite colour:
Purple. I like pink but not in clothes, it just doesnt suit me.

Do you drink energy drinks:
Not really, i think there far to sweet, but a vodka and red bull always goes down a treat :)

Do you drink juice:
Not really, i mainly drink water, apart from my morning cup of tea

Do you like swimming:
Yes. I used to be a right water baby when i was younger and iv recently started going again

Do you eat fries with a fork:
Fries no, but i normally eat chunky chips with a fork

Favourite moisturiser:
For the body i like Body Shop body butters, but i use a Neals Yard one for my face

Do you want to get married in later life:
To be honest im not really bothered. I cant wait to have kids and all that but iv never been in any rush to get married. I might feel differently when im alot older but i wouldnt want nothing big. Im not a total unromantic, my mum and dad got divorced and it probably scared me for life! Ha!

Do you get mad easily:
Im quite chilled out but if something bugs me you'd know about it

Are you into ghost hunting:
Yes. Id probably be a total scardy cat if it came to doing it but i do believe in ghosty things

Any phobias:
I dont like spiders and the dark but im not petrified of them. I have a weird thing about the child catcher of the film chitty chitty bang bang and mick hucknall!! Haha! I must have had a very weird childhood

Do you bite your nails:
No, i never have done

Have you ever had a near death experience:
No and i hope i dont

Do you drink coffee:
No, im a tea girl. I love the smell of coffee though

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