Thursday, 18 June 2009

Curly wurly??

A while ago when i bought my new hairdryer i got a voucher for a free mini Umberto Giannini product. Iv always tried to get the perfect wavy hair so picked up 'curl friends'

It says on the bottle to spritz evenly through dry hair and leave or style as desired. So tonight I washed my hair like normal and dried it, trying to pull it a little straight as my hair is naturally a little wavy but huge!! When it was dried and sort of straight I sprayed this through. I didnt really notice it doing anything so sprayed a little more and seperated with my fingers and ta da...

Its slightly wavy and quite natural looking. It smells gorgeous and does make my hair nice and shiny. I definitely think you need some natural wave to your hair for it to do anything though. I dont think id actually buy this but as a freebe its ok, id never wear my hair naturally wavy (due to the frizz and size of the bouffant!) but im quite happy to leave the house like this :)

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