Friday, 26 June 2009

Holiday bits :)

Long time no see! This past few weeks have been hectic. A few weeks ago me and the bf booked a holiday to Cyprus for a week, we go on the 4th July, next Saturday! So the past few weekends have been spent buying holiday clothes, whilst trying to save some spending money for my holiday.

Here's a few bits iv bought:

This was from River Island, £21.99

This is more of a coral colour than it appears. Its from Topshop, £14 (i think??)

Iv been after a denim skirt for ages that fits prefectly and this one does :) It was from New Look, £18. It is slightly darker than it looks in the picture.

Love this bandeau top, its from Mango, £12 in the sale. Looks great with some bright coloured beads. I love the coloured stitching

Then onto some bargains from Primark!

It was around £4. And fits so nice, i sometimes have trouble with primark clothes and how they fit. I spotted a top similar to this in River Island

I think this skirt was around £6?? Its a bright purple colour (although it doesnt look it in the picture)

And a few new pairs of shoes :)

Top pair are from Tesco and the bottom pair are from Primark!! Budget shoes!!

The Tesco ones were £15 but i had a £10 clothing voucher so they only cost £5 and the Primark ones were £6.

Sorry about the length of this and all the pictures! I still need to get another bikini but i really want a bandeau one but having really seen a nice one or a nice one that looks nice on. And then its that hard task of figuring out what make up bits to take and how to fit the mountains of clothes i want to take into my suitcase?! Iv never been able to pack light!


  1. lovely stuff, esp the dresses xx

  2. i was looking at the corally dress from topshop today, its really nice, going to have to go back and get it sometime! xx

  3. Thanks girls :)

    @make_up_me i love the colour, and it fits really nice so iv been eyeing up all the other colours they do it in aswell!

  4. Ooooh cute stuff! Have fun on your holiday girl!


  5. Cute Charlotte! Can I come with you? :( x


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