Sunday, 29 March 2009

A nosey inside my bag!

I really like watching the "whats in my bag" blogs on you tube but im not brave enough to be on there so here's mine on my blog.

So first here's my bag I used today:

It was only £35 (i think??) from topshop, bargain! :)

And this is what is inside:

So we have my glasses case (I wear them for driving and watching tele), a new price list and a tigi product guide from my hairdressers, my diary (not really much in it), a few receipts (one from tesco and one from superdrug, my phone (lost without it!), purse, umbrella (because our weather is sooo unpredictable), my ipod and ipod sock, empty chewing gum wrapper (I should really chuck rubbish away), a brush, mirror, 3 lipbalms (a body shop one, johnsons one, and a nivea one), a lighter (unfortunately I do have the occasional cigarette :( ), some hair bobbles, some plasters (just in case), and my car and house keys.

I carry alot of stuff about with me!!


  1. I'm impressed! Your bag is alot tidyer than mine - even with the chewing gum wrapper! lol!

    I'm too chicken to do a what's in my bag post!

  2. Ha! I suppose it is alot tidier than some. Do one! :) I love reading them. Some of the stuff we collect in our bags!!


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