Friday, 27 March 2009

My perfume collection

So here is my collection of perfumes...

From left to right we have Amor Amor, Kylie Minogue's Darling, Christina Aguilera (2 bottles), Kylie Minogue's Sweet darling, Ghost, DKNY, Armani City Glam, Britney Spears Believe, Hugo Boss Pure purple, Versace Red Jean's, Ghost Cherish, Britney Spears Fantasy, Clinique Happy, Hugo Boss Deep Red (2 bottles, 1 boxed!), Celine Dion (!), and Lacoste Touch of Pink.

Quite a few celebrity ones there!!

I tend to wear certain ones in the day and others at night. My favourite night times ones are Ghost, Amor Amor and Hugo Boss Deep Red. My favourite day time ones are Kylie Minogue Darling, both Britney ones, Lacoste Touch of Pink and Hugo Boss Pure Purple. I'm not too keen on Armani City Glam and Kylie's Sweet Darling. On other people they seem to be nice but for there not really me. The Celine Dion perfume was a gift from my boss of her holiday. I was very unsure when I openend my present but I actually really like it, its hard to describe, its just a really nice smell and Iv had a few compliments when Iv wore it!

Nothing really exciting there but just thought Id show you. Id love to see everyone else's.

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