Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Enchanting eyes??

For a long time I have been abit concerned about lines and wrinkles. Im only 21 but there is definitely a few faint lines around my eye area so decided that tackling the problem now will hopefully minimise these and prevent anymore (well for a good few years!).

So I started looking.

I ended up buying Lush's Enchanted Eye Cream:

It was £9.30 for a 45g bottle.

There were loads of good reviews for this on the internet plus it says 'gentle, soothing cream to minimise fine lines around the eyes', exactly what I was after.

I got this just over a month ago and have used it everyday since, morning and night, and I can't see any difference at all! I even stopped using it for a few days to see if I noticed the lines (and sometimes eye bags!) any more than normal but I didn't.

It does leave your eye area very soft which could be a good base for concealer but it's not really what I bought it for. I had high hope's for this after reading the reviews and I was very disappointed :(


  1. I have been worrying about fine lines too and took the same approach. I've gone for Dermalogica Power firm for the eyes which I've heard really great stuff about!

    Currently waiting on Mr Postman to deliver - but I hope it works!

  2. Ooh, sounds good. Im going to have a look at that now. Keep me posted on how it works :)


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