Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Rosacea update

When i first started this blog i did a post about my acne rosacea. Since that post i started back on a course of antibiotics which has nearly ended. I was given 64 tablets to be taken once a day. I went yesterday to see the doctor as a follow up and to see where to go from here. To be honest she was really unhelpful, basically saying she didnt understand rosacea and asking me what i wanted to do! Although she did say it looks like the marks left on my face are scarring and has refered me to a dermatologist. I was quite upset that she confirmed what i already thought about the marks on my face but im hopeful that the dermatologist can help! My appointment for that is on the 6th October but i can keep checking for cancellations and hopefully get in sooner. In the meantime im on another course of antibiotics!

Throughout my course of antibiotics i have taken some photo's. I was unsure wether to post them on here as some of them look quite bad but i couldnt really blog about it without showing exactly what im talking about.

So a little warning for the following photos!!! I have no make up on in any of these photos and they do look a little gross!

Near the beginning of my treatment:

Pictures from yesterday:

The last two aren't as clear but it gives you an idea. My skin is still slightly 'flushed' and there is visible dots which appear to be scars but i will keep you posted when iv been to see the dermatologist.

And to compensate for the awful pictures youv just had to look at here's one with make up on from Saturday night :)


  1. You can really see a difference in ur skin! xXx

  2. i think your skin looks so much better now! hope the dematologist can help you out even more!

  3. OMG; your skin has improved so much! Congrats!! I am sure is nearly perfect now!! be patient!!!

  4. wow that looks so much better! I didn't know antibiotics helped with rosacea...
    good luck @ the dermatologist!

  5. Wow, what an improvement, glad it's working for you xx

  6. Wow your face looks GREAT! What an improvement it has made - you must be so pleased. My friend has rosacea but doesn't really take her tabs and drinks and eats a lot of spicy foods so it never fully clears up :/



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