Monday, 17 August 2009

My birthday! :)

Firstly just an apology for the poor photo's. The lighting in my room is really bad so the photo's have come out really dark!

So on Sunday it was my birthday! And i was well and truly spoilt.

The bf got me loads of lovely bits. Here's a few of the clothes he got me

A top from Topshop that iv had my eye on a while
This dress from Miss Selfridge which i love! He's well trained, haha :)

A t shirt from Truffle Shuffle, i used to love Sharky and George when i was little! I also got a My Little Pony hoodies from there (which i havent took a photo of). Yes im a big kid!

I got loads of other bits and bobs but i dont want to bore you with loads of photo's!

My sister got me some lovely bits from Accessorize (i dont know why blogger has decided to turn my pictures upside down?!)

A close up of the charm. I love it, its so cute :)

One of my friends got me some Lush goodies which i cant wait to try out. They all smell gorgeous!

In the box is Think Pink bath bomb, Butterball ballistic, Creamy Candy bubble bath and Pop in the Bath.

Oh and because i have a Body Shop love your body card you get a free £5 gift in your birthday month. I chose a new lip butter because i do love a lip balm and their lip butters are great. The lip butters are normally £5 but they was reduced to £4.75 so i was told i had to buy something else to get the price upto £5! Abit annoying but anyway i just bought a nail file with a free sample of their new handcream.

And if youv made it this far, well done, and look what finally got delivered today...

My £1 nail polish from the fabulous magazine offer! Iv been waiting for this for weeks!! I got Basil Street and when i get time to paint my nails in it i will do a notd. It looks like a lovely nude colour though.


  1. I love the second miss selfridge dress - I am ordering a miss selfidge dress online at the mo - I hope it suits me! I am going to have to give my boyfriend some tips after seeing what your bf got you, mine can be a bit poo on the present front.


  2. That dress is lovely! And the Sharky and George T made me chuckle :) He's done very well there - my bf tends to play it safe at birthdays and get something in a little blue box, wish he was more imaginitive sometimes! xx

  3. @cat Haha, i was rather worried as i didnt have a clue what he was getting me and we'v had disasters in the past! I think he's just started listening and taking note!

    @Briony Thanks :) I do like abit of imagination with presents but i wouldnt complain at a little blue box! :)

  4. Great stuff! That bracelet is so cute!

  5. I love the sharkey and george t-shirt... I'm heading straight over to TruffleShuffle!!

    Happy Belated Birthday :) xx

  6. love the miss selfridge dress, ur boyfriend got some great stuff :) xx

  7. Happy belated birthday dear!
    Enjoy your pressies (that first Topshop top is divine)! :)))


  8. Nice buys :). I was going to get that Miss Selfridge Dress a few days back, it's lovely :) x


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